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Hello Friends,

I need some advice. I’ve been thinking of doing an internship to add to my resume. While visiting Palm Coast, Florida I thought of doing an internship with Sea World. I didn’t even know if they offered the program. They actually do! If you are a student, with a 3.0 or above and have completed two semesters of college you are eligible to apply for it.  I did decide to apply on a whim, not knowing if they would actually ever call me. I would say two days later they did call. Excitedly, I answered the persons questions about myself and my school.  She was very positive and upbeat.  I schedule an “on the phone interview” with a 2nd person.

Now, my applying to this internship was completely based off of my husband getting a job in a certain area of Florida.  Unfortunately, between the first call and the second call, he realized he did not get the position he was hoping for in the area near Orlando. Knowing this I debated about what to do. The 2nd call came today and I decided to do the on the phone interview as if nothing had changed. I’m unsure why, I just felt led to do it. Everything went as well as can be expected for a phone call type interview where you don’t know what questions are going to be asked.

I’m now really trying to figure out what to do. I don’t know why I didn’t tell them my husband didn’t get the job or that I would not be living in the area…..

I guess my question is, it’s a 3 month internship.  Do you feel that for a short period of time, this would be worth driving a long way to get too? We will be in Florida definitely but I do not think we will live around Orlando like planned. 😦 There is potential that I could be located an hour or so away from it though. Am I being crazy?

I’ve never gotten to do any kind of internship and feel so bummed to think of taking the Sea World one off the table when I may actually get it…… help…. ❤


3 thoughts on “Sea World Internship Advice

  1. You’re not crazy. Do me a favor and answer these questions:

    1) Would this be a once in a life time experience you would regret missing?

    2) Would this be a piece of identity capital that could add to your career?

    I’m not even going to ask you any more questions because I think if you say yes to at least one of these it is worth it! There are probably so many people that apply for that internship, if you were to be accepted it would be meant to be. Even if you have to travel a bit further, an hour really isn’t that bad. Sea World is one of those names that stick out on a resume and I think is worth the experience. One of the interns here at Sesame Workshop (aka Sesame Street) works two days a week, she lives in New Hampshire! She takes a bus Wednesday night to NYC to arrive Thursday at 2:30am so she can intern Thursday and Friday, then go back home Friday night. She said it was worth it to her simply because it was Sesame Street. How many times do you get that opportunity?

    So go for it! Make it work! I would jump on it in an instant even though my work has absolutely nothing to do with marine life.

  2. As so often happens in life, once you undertake something you think is only going to be temporary, it can often morph into something longer lasting, perhaps by meeting someone where you’re interning or by obtaining knowledge that segues into an unlooked for opportunity. Listen to your instinct. 🙂

  3. Thanks to both of you for the advice!! I do look at it an entirely different way now thanks to yall. I think it may be worth the drive if I am within an hours driving distance. I will not know if I got it for another month. If I didn’t get it though I feel good that I at least tried and didn’t say “to heck with it” just because something got in the way. (like living further away from Sea World than planned). I will post about what happens. Hope yall are having a wonderful day.

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