Affordable & Easy Tree Art

Tree 1

I saw this craft on pinterest and thought it looked so easy and cute!!! Unfortunately, there was no website connected with this picture. However, it seems pretty self exclamatory to me! 🙂 You would need paint (any colors you want), glue, and some multi colored sequins.  Depending on age of the child, you may have to draw outline of the tree but they can use their finger to do the “flowers” or “leaves” ! Parents can dab on some glue and children can just sprinkle the sequins around. I am going to keep this idea! You could also do different seasons with this picture! The above could be summer, for fall you could use fall colors for the leaves, and so on!



2 thoughts on “Affordable & Easy Tree Art

  1. Cute. :0) Another craft I used to do with my nieces (and I think you’d like this too) is print out several farm animals- sheep work really well. Just the black and white outline, like you’d find in a colouring book. Then, use dried white beans, brown pinto beans, elbow macaroni and rice and glue them into repetitive patterns (like a collar, or fur pattern) interchanging the browns and whites. Kids love this! it’s pretty fun for adults too. 🙂 (I used to do this and also teach my nieces how to make paper balloons. It’s no wonder they all wanted to come to “Aunt Birgy’s house”… heheh..

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