Welcome Duke from VBSPCA <3

On a lighter note, on June 18th 2013 we welcomed “Duke” into our family ! The SPCA had a ton of puppies and mothers that were from a ladies home that hoarded dogs. It’s incredibly sad. These puppies and mothers had never been outside.  The mothers had several litters of puppies and all three were taking turns feeding each of the babies. The mothers took a long time to even come to the front of the crate when they were rescued. I was considering one who was beautiful but extremely shy and scared. I could tell she wanted so badly to be loved and give love in return but due to the trauma she had encountered, a wall of untrust was up.  We ended up rescuing one of the pups from the litter of Chihuahua mixes. Below is a picture. I’m happy to say that I believe ALL the puppies got adopted and many of the mothers were on hold for people. I hope these dogs find patient and loving homes that will surround them with support as they become slowly adapted to the world outside.

Duke 2

Currently, I believe Duke is dealing with Kennel Cough.

sick Duke

The SPCA said he had already been treated for it but clearly he needs another round of meds. He has been sneezing his little brown nose off. I warmed up a towel in the dryer and wrapped him in it which he seemed to thoroughly appreciate! Will be bringing him back in tomorrow to be checked. He is 12 weeks old right now 🙂 So now we have Daisy (our long hair Chihuahua) & Duke!!


6 thoughts on “Welcome Duke from VBSPCA <3

  1. Daisy and Duke, how adorable. 🙂 Well, I hope you and your husband enjoy the little guy. I know you’re giving him a great new chance in life! You’ve got a great heart, Jen. 🙂

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! What a bloody cutie! He’s so little! How has he been since getting him home? Has he been getting along with Daisy or maybe I should put it the other way around? Is Daisy getting along with Duke?

  3. thanks guys!! yeah he is pretty adorable I must admit haha. His nickname with me is “little brown.” His nose is tiny and brown which I find hilarious and cute. All my dogs noses have always been black. I know I am weird lol! Anyway, TRUE story, Duke just did a pee pee on the floor. When I go to grab him he runs round and round the living room like a tornado. I cannot catch him for the life of me. He totally knows that I am upset. So Daisy corrals him by flipping him onto his back and holding him with her paws until I can get over there to him. I was so shocked she realized what was going on and that I needed him to stop moving!!! dogs are unbelievably smarter than we realize.

  4. And to Undead Ahead I think she is “tolerating” Duke haha. It’s going to help that they will be about the same size. They are both very strong willed and want to dominate each other. Right now Daisy has power over him because of her size but I can tell by his strength that it will change. How is Ollie? Heard anything about that job you applied for!?

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