FREE Modern Nursery Fox Wall Art – 8 X 10 – by Trendy Peas!

I have a special free printable tonight! I just saw that Patchi and Raquel, owners of Trendy Peas, are offering a FREE fox printable from their new wall art designs! When I was a nanny I personally worked for Patchi. I saw Raquel too on a daily basis. I cannot express how kind and talented both of these women are. The entire family is amazing and I feel so blessed to have gotten to work for them. Hoping to do a feature on Trendy Peas in the near future if they are up for it! Their wall art & mobiles are located in many different stores.

For now though, please check out their website and download the fox 8 x 10 nursery printable 🙂


click here for the webpage———> Trendy Peas Fox Printable

Scroll down to bottom of page where fox printable is and click on the image (above)



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