Weight Loss Tip (Snack Warning)

I’m really sorry guys that I have not kept up with the Wednesday Weight Loss Journal thing. I’ve really let life get in the way. I promise I am getting back to it though. Here is a health tip for you that I have personally discovered. I for the longest time was doing the elliptical 30 mins a day 5-6 days a week and maybe lost 4 pounds in a matter of MONTHS. Then I got an infection and stopped for a few weeks. When I went to the doctor they said I am in the “obese” catagorie (GREAT there goes my last shred of my self confidence) and that I need to lose weight ASAP.  So I decided…..

to cut out ALL my snacks. I usually have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2-3 snacks..(sometimes 4 if I am being honest during the day).  For the past two days I have been doing this.  Granted, last night I ate an entire bag of light butter popcorn because I was starving my ass off from only having 3 meals lol but it’s a start! Today I weighed in at 192.6 .  This is lower than I have been in a long time! I weighed in at the doctor a few days ago at 196. I have exercised only once so far this week.  The snacks that I eat during the day I did not think were bad for me. We are talking fruit, nuts, veggie chips, etc. Turns out, they apparently are packing on weight. 😦 I just wanted to warn people who are struggling to lose, exercising, and feeling totally burned out that eliminating snacks might REALLY help.  Hoping next week I will feel less hungry.  It’s like going off of diet coke. You crave it, feel like you can’t live without it, then the feeling passes.  ❤

I also read an amazing quote today in the SELF magazine. “Skinny isn’t sexy if you are dead.” This means: diet safely, make sure you get enough calories, and focus on health not starvation.  If you diet/eat healthy  for the right reasons & the right way the weight will eventually come off. For all those struggling please don’t give up. I have my days believe me where I want to stay in Pj’s all day, not go near a mirror, and heaven forbid walk outside for others to look at me. I get it. I’m Mrs. Body Dismorphia right here. But we must fight back because this battle is possible to win ❤ I have to believe that. Hope everyone is having a nice week.


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tip (Snack Warning)

  1. Valerie says:

    When I was losing weight in 2006/2007, I made sure to factor in two snacks (one between breakfast and lunch and the other between luch and dinner), but made them as healthy and low-calorie as I could. If I skipped snacks, I was starving by meal time and then I overate!! 🙄
    Good luck with all your goals! I am currently working to lose some weight too…about 10 lbs. :/ We can do it!!!

  2. Snacks are such a tricky area. They can be done smart if the main meals are smaller. But, if you love a big breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then snacks really do pack on the calories. Keep up the hard work. I know just how you feel. I’d been overweight and then obese since graduating high school. Each year I just kept getting bigger and bigger. It all changed after having my son and I relied on my husband to feed me. *I couldn’t go downstairs to the kitchen.* And you are completely right about how it’s like going off Diet Coke (not that I ever drank coke but I had my vices). We become addicted to eating certain foods and a certain amount of foods and it is really hard. But, I know you can do it with some hard work and stick-to-it-ness.

    Always here for support! 🙂

  3. Thanks guys for your comments! I appreciate all of the support. Valerie that is what I was trying before. I know for some people this does work! I definitely don’t want people to think that I am assuming this would work for everyone. For some reason, I’ve always struggled with losing. It’s like I LOOK in the direction of a loaf of bread and there is 10 pounds. I know that sounds crazy but literally that is what kind of thing I deal with. I was on Prednisone for 3 months due to a horrible sinus infection type thing. When I got off of it I had gained 30. 4 pounds came off. That’s it. It’s so frustrating 😦

    And Marie, I agree that snacks are a tricky area! I honestly would prefer to have bigger meals than smaller ones. For some, having like 6 small meals a day supposedly works…… however, for me that would cause me to focus way too much on food. I get in the habit of things so whether I am hungry or not, I tend to freak out if I can’t get to food sometimes. I feel that those 100 calorie pre packaged snacks are also not the best for our bodies. The 100 calorie thing has people feeling that they can down these things as if they were a glass of water. I think this is a huge misconception! Just because healthy, low fat, low sodium, etc is on something does not mean it is good for a persons body. I am trying to eat more natural now. If I don’t recognize the ingredients I am very careful about putting it in my body. Also, unsure if you read one of my past weight loss journal things on here but a flame retardant can be found in mountaindew and orange crush. It’s a chemical that was once banned by the FDA and found in thermostats! It is not allowed in SMALL portions in sodas to keep flavors from separating. no thanks!! im good!! I think of this whenever I get a craving for a soda. Also, since I love diet coke I think of the fact that you can poor a bottle of diet coke into your toilet bowl to clean it. Do I really want something that can clean a toilet bowl going in my body….. hahaha

    thanks for the comments!!

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