Craigslist VENT: Scammers Everywhere

Craigslist has become absolutely infiltrated with scams.  I posted a few babysitting adds and have gotten more spam mail than ever before in my life. I just want to put out a reminder that if you receive an email from someone:

wanting your address

wanting your personal information

wanting you to text them first

wanting to pay you before any service has been rendered

wanting to meet in a location you are not familiar with

whose email just does not make sense

that mentions anything about FEDEX or mailing a payment

whose spelling is really off or uses words that makes you feel certain English is not their first language. (not trying to stereotype but a lot of scams come from Africa and the United Kingdom).


road runner

It’s unfortunate that there are people out there that prey on young adults trying to get ahead in life with these online scams. Sadly, some people are so desperate for a job that they are willing to believe this type of information is normal to be given.  If you give this info to someone you do not know be aware that: your bank account will be depleted, your identity will be stolen, and you may just have a stalker on your hands.  It’s scary stuff.

I just got an email from a man named “Chris” from the email address (already major red flags). He claims that he would like me to clean his house for $400 a week. He states “the house you would be cleaning would be located in your city.” (notice he does not state which city.) He then requests my full name, address, apartment number, state, zip, and cell number. (I’m amazed he doesn’t want my blood type to go along with all that). “Chris” then relays that he needs this info to send me the check today or tomorrow through FEDEX. Then stating “i’ll tell you what to do next after you have got the check…” Ending with “I will be waiting to read back from you soon.”


I recently read a post on craigslist that sounded very normal. I do not recall the spelling to be off. The man was looking for a nanny for his two daughters I believe. He explained what he was looking for and at the time I thought it sounded reasonable. He said to text him if someone was interested in the position. (I know I know I should have known). So I texted and asked for more information.  He then texted me back his email address and stated that I should email him for more information regarding the position. Thinking maybe he was just trying to prevent spam by going through his phone, I emailed him. I then received one of those generic, scammer emails wanting my address,  personal information, etc!!!!!

I was actually almost hooked with that one. Can’t believe he got my phone number 😦

Just wanted to share! If you have any stories of scammers/bad experiences on craigslist feel free to share ❤


2 thoughts on “Craigslist VENT: Scammers Everywhere

  1. Yeah, CL is getting bad….
    I know right away when it’s a scammer. Here’re the guideline that I always follow:

    1.) If they are looking on Craig’s List for hired help, then he or she will most likely have a good paying job.
    2.) If he or she can afford hired help (such as a house cleaner or nanny), then the chances are very high that SOMEBODY in the house has a college degree to go along with that good paying job.
    3.) If one parent or adult in the house has a college degree, the chances are just as likely that his or her spouse will also.
    4.) If the household is an educated household, there is no way that anybody in the house should be typing THAT BAD.

    And it really is that easy.

    I always follow this guideline; it keeps things very simple and I never get scammed.
    If the person doesn’t use periods, commas, punctuation marks, and mixes past tense with present tense, or just comes off as a complete idiot- I run like the dickens. Also, watch out for people that you email, that ask you to email them! (?!!) That’s a clear indication that:

    a. They’re on crack
    b. They’re a scammer

    Be safe, and I hope you get a great job soon. 🙂 xo

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