Weigh In & Good News

So I just weight in and I am 188.8 . Say what? hahah I am so happy to be back in the 180’s. Again, NEVER thought I would be saying that. Sometimes I feel like we complain so much that maybe God throws us for a loop to help us appreciate what we have.  I did not appreciate this weight before but I sure do now. So far today I have not had any snacks.  I did have a South Beach meal bar for breakfast and a turkey sandwich with some pretzels and orange juice for lunch. I’m hungry right now but know that I need to wait longer to eat dinner because I have to work tonight. I get hungry when I am working so if I don’t eat late it’s a mistake. I’m going to do some black beans and brown rice tonight.  Something that has a lot of protein!

Also, a few days ago I got scared out of my mind. I checked my status for my college transcripts and it was saying (out of no where) that I needed 2 additional classes. I absolutely panicked and felt ready to throw in the towel. 😦 I told myself though what the worse case scenario could be before walking into the college. I calmed myself down, thought of what I needed to say, and told myself regardless of the outcome I would still get to graduate in December.  Turns out, whatever document it was that I read was incorrect!! I was correct about being able to graduate this summer. Thank you Lord. ❤ I needed that. My moral has been really low lately so that assisted with bringing it up a notch.

Hope everyone is having a good day! Oh and I watched an episode of Dr. Quinn the other day. All time favorite show. I grew up on it and was convinced (at a not even legal age) that I was going to marry Sully, have a wolf, become an Indian, and live on a mountain. I used to draw pictures of Indian men with long black hair, feathers, the whole deal….along with collecting Mandellas hahaha. I miss being that innocent, that naïve, and that determined about something I wanted.


6 thoughts on “Weigh In & Good News

  1. Great job on your new weight! You’ve been working hard and it’s paying off. I also used to watch Dr. Quinn growing up. I had completely forgotten about it until you mentioned it. It is an awesome show. What’s also awesome is that the document you were looking at was wrong. Don’t you just hate it when things say you need to do extra work? But love it when it turns out you don’t!

  2. Thanks for yalls support! haha yes I grew up on Dr. Quinn. I want to buy the series. It’s one of the few good memories I have with my mom. We used to watch that together. The sick thing is she was single and I was 6 and I think we both had a crush on Sully. hahah. And me too Valerie for the classes. I cannot tell you what a relief it was to know I could still graduate. I just feel like at this point I NEED more than a GED hanging on the wall if you know what I mean. I’ve worked years for this one degree and to know it’s just a matter of weeks away feels really amazing.

  3. shadowdancerx says:

    congrats on losing some weight Jenny! weight loss is so difficult. I feel like I could stand to lose just a little but its not really my priority right now. Good news about school and the thing you saw being a mistake. glad you will be able to graduate soon.

      1. shadowdancerx says:

        I’m not in school right now but have thought about taking some classes soon. I actually already did my BA and master’s degree so if I did take classes it would be for fun only.

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