How To Get Nominated For A Blog Award (on my page)


I thought I would make a post about how to get nominated for an award on my page.  I remember when I first started I wondered about how to get nominated.  Now, some people don’t take these blog awards very seriously or participate in general. That is fine because it’s a personal choice. But this post is for those that do participate, find putting a blog award on their page fun, and feel motivated by their readers who take the time to give the nomination. Personally, I love to be nominated! I find it flattering & fun. So here we go…..


How to get  *noticed* on Muffins & Mocha

  • Use my first name when you post on my page or refer to me
  • Comment on articles occasionally or often
  • Offer Advice
  • Click the “Like” button or  Stars at the bottom of my posts
  • Nominate my page for an award
  • Share my posts with others
  • Compliment or give constructive criticism
  • Participate in Blog Parties or Giveaways

I also want to say that, from my heart, I appreciate each and every follower that I have.  Having a blog would not be this much fun without you guys.  There is also such a wide variety of blogs following me! I love the diversity and interest people have taken in Muffins & Mocha! As much as I wish there were time in my day to visit everyone’s page, there sadly is not.  I want to give all those that follow me a chance at awards but to do so I need my lovely followers to read the above and help me with this goal.  Again, any of the above stands out.

If you see the same people getting continuously nominated for different awards I want you to know that it’s not because I am trying to play “favorites.” It’s due to the fact that these blogger friends have fit some or all of the above “How to get noticed on Muffins & Mocha” list. Occasionally, I will choose a new follower or a great blog I’ve checked out to give an award too. But just to make it easier for everyone, I thought I would post this too so that everyone has a better chance.

Have a great day ! ❤


3 thoughts on “How To Get Nominated For A Blog Award (on my page)

  1. shadowdancerx says:

    Hi Jenny. My name is Jen so we have similar names. I like the idea of blog awards but never participated in one before. I only just started this particular blog but have blogged elsewhere (not wordpress) before. I will go check out your other posts.

    1. Hey Jen! Thank you for the comment! That will be easy to remember 🙂 I will definitely stop by your blog later. Welcome to wordpress. I have really enjoyed blogging here. The environment here is just a lot friendlier and less dramatic than on facebook or other places I’ve joined. Have a great day!

      1. shadowdancerx says:

        I agree. so far wordpress seems mellow and friendly. also its really easy to search with the topics so its cool to be able to find blogs. its a lot easier to find blogs on here than it was on blogger.

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