Degree Mill WARNING – A Students MUST read!

Something I feel very passionate about is education. I haven’t been blessed with much parental guidance in my life so I have had to honestly do a ton of research myself. That means meeting with counselors, researching loans, and googling tons of questions! One thing I cannot stand hearing is someone who received a degree or tried to receive a degree that turned out to be worthless. And by worthless I don’t mean they didn’t do any work to get it! I say worthless because the school was not accredited and/or the website mislead the student.  Sadly, many students fall into degree mill traps because they are so desperate for a degree.  I’ve actually read about people who have paid money to receive a degree in the mail saying they were certified in a medical field. SCARY! I’m unsure what I am more scared of, a degree mill selling fake diplomas or a person potentially operating on me with no experience! :0o .  Anyway… back to point. I want to direct ALL students to this website:

Council For Higher Education

At the top of this page there is a Search Colleges and Universities Icon

Click on it

You will then be directed to a different page. Scroll to the bottom and click “I Agree”

The Search for Accredited Institutions will then pop up

If your Institution is accredited, be it online or in person, it will be listed.

I searched for Columbia College in Missouri. A page comes up that states “Institutional Accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA-HLC), The Higher Learning Commission. When I googled NCA I learned that it stood for the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Going on to say that the NCA accredits 10,000 private and public institutions. Missouri is listed as one of the service areas. Automatically, I breathe a sigh of relief.  Please note: you may get a completely different accrediting institution other than NCA! There are many different ones that are recognized by the Council for Higher Education.  The most important thing is that you search for your college, it comes up as listed as being accredited on the CHEA website, and you follow up by doing a simple google search like I did just to verify. This one thing could save you THOUSANDS of dollars.

My Google Search Led Me Here >>>> Wikipedia

****WARNING: Just because your in person or online school SAYS it’s accredited does NOT mean that it is.  It can be posted directly on the front page of a website that a school is 110 percent accredited. You have to check into this and make absolute sure that this claim is legitimate. Good people get taken every day because they want to believe what they hear and see in a sales pitch. ****

For those who are not so lucky….. Check out this particular search I did on Ashwood University (not be confused with Ashford University) on Get Educated Diploma Mill Police. There is not one agency that is connected with the Council For Higher Education. Michigan State has already confirmed that degrees from this institution will absolutely not be accepted by the department of Civil Service. Oregon and Texas have also weighed in on the illegitimacy of this institution. Apparently, Ashwood is selling online degrees for a few hundred dollars. To validate the Get Educated Diploma Mill Police’s statement, I personally went back onto the Council for Higher Educations website and did a search for this school. ZERO results of accreditation came up. I then went to Ashwood’s main website here and found this statement:

There is no need to attend classes or to take exams. The
and certificates are sent to you at your specified address
(free express delivery through DHL) within 15 days from the
day you
place your order.

What!?!? How is this legal!

 If you would like to do a search on Get Educated’s site of online degrees please do so here .

Something else I discovered too was though the University of Phoenix is listed as being accredited on Get Educated Diploma Mill Police‘s website, there is a note of caution listed below :

CAUTION: The following Special Notes apply to this online college:

  • In 2009, The University of Phoenix parent company, The Apollo Group, agreed to pay $67.5 million to the federal government for student recruitment fraud and $11 million in attorney fees to the plaintiffs engaged in a False Claims Act lawsuit. The lawsuit charged Phoenix with paying recruiters using performance compensation (including DVD players and spa trips) based on the number of students they enrolled, which is illegal for schools receiving federal student aid money.

I find the above to be appalling and offensive as a paying student myself. To think this kind of thing still does not go on would be very naïve of me.


We all must be very careful and smart about our education. No matter how much we want something how convenient a degree is, if it’s not worth something in the end then it’s not worth it now.

Wanted to pass all of this advice on ❤ hope it helped someone!


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