Calling ALL Computer Geeks


Please know when I say “computer geeks” I am not saying this in a negative way! God knows this world would be LOST without yall to help with technology! ❤ So I need some help. I am a 25 year old college student that knows *NOTHING* about computers. All I know is that my laptop has literally fallen apart and is on it’s knees (notice I did not say legs because those have already gone lol).

Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse

Here is what I need to figure out! …What brand is better and WHY?










If I am looking for a 6-8 GB computer what is a reasonable amount to pay? Or do you feel it’s more affordable to buy a 4 GB computer and add GB to it (for 4 gigs it’s like $50 at Best Buy).

Should I buy Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013? The newer version is more expensive by $30 but unsure if it’s worth it?

Would you prefer a laptop or a All in one desktop set up? Which is the better buy?

HELP!! ❤

Muchos Appreciation


2 thoughts on “Calling ALL Computer Geeks

  1. I’d say I’m far from being a computer geek but I do have a geeky husband 😉 We’ve owned Laptops that are Acer, Compaq, Toshiba, HP, and Dell. The Acer was rock solid, the Toshiba had lots of bells and whistles, the Dell was something that just got by and the Compaq, well I’m using that one right now. I don’t really remember much about the HP. We’ve also had desktops too. In fact right now we have one desktop and two laptops and three smartphones in the house. The only time we’ve bought a whole desktop was at a black friday sale a few years back. It was an eMachine. It came with everthing! The tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and a printer too. It was a great deal. Usually we build our own desktop computers and we’ve since upgraded parts of the eMachine.

    Desktop computers can essentially last forever. You can keep upgrading any part you want. Hardrives will fail after enough use. In a desktop, I am partial to Seagate for the hard drive.

    Laptops can be had fairly cheep these days. So cheap that for the last 4 we’ve bought (we buy them in pairs), we just use them until they die and buy new ones (about 4-5 years later). I know it’s wasteful but when you can get a new laptop for about $250 these days that will do just about anything you need, I don’t see the point to buying something expensive. Laptops don’t last a ton of time (cheap or expensive). They will overheat, there is not much room for airflow in them. You can’t crack them open easily to get the dust out. Battery life varries. But the portability is awesome!!

    Generally you won’t need an all-in-one printer. In fact, the break quite often and are too spendy. I had a wonderful Cannon iP1600 that lasted me over 10 years. Little Man recently broke it so I bought a Samsung wireless lazer printer so I can print from my phone. Libraries and many stores offer copy and fax services for a price cheap enough not to buy an all-in-one.

    For memory, 4GB is usually sufficient for most people’s needs. You need to make sure to keep your computer clutter free and organized. It runs smoother and is easier to find things for both you and your computer when calling information.

    Software wise, Microsoft 2010 should work well enough for you. Everything is backwards compatable. I actually prefer to use Open Office ( which is completely free and can export files as PDF at no charge. It can save files in Microsoft Office format or it’s own format that is a smaller file.

    What I would do is to buy the most affordable laptop you can. Being portable, it will be able to travel with you to class, the library, or out into the backyard for some relaxing blog reading 😉 I hope I’ve been able to shed some light on the subject and make your computer buying experience easier.

  2. Hey Marie! Thank you so much for taking the time to type me out all of that!! I did end up going with a 4 GB computer. I decided on a desktop though just because I have a problem with dropping things. I always have and don’t know why. I’m always dropping my camera, phone, and unfortunately lap top. I decided that a desktop would be a better bet because it would sit securely on a desk. I decided on the 20” HP All-In-One (I did not even realize all in one computers existed until a few days ago hahahah). It doesn’t have a tower of any kind. Everything is built into the screen so it eliminates the amount of wires there are. I’m going to get a wireless mouse and board too. I just can’t stand all those wires. I think I am getting to be extremely OCD lol. I appreciate your continues support and help on my blog! ❤ ❤ Muchos appreciation and love ❤ ❤

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