Minor BRAG! Computer & Student Ring

I can’t believe this morning that I am looking on my blog through a 20” HP  Pavillion all-in-one screen!! ahhh! Sorry to brag it’s just that I *never* buy anything nice like this.  This is the girl who doesn’t have enough socks and currently is not raking it in on the job front. I’m thankful for student loan money. Lord knows an online student needs a working computer.  Anyway, here is what it looks like:


I found it for $399 at Office Max  ❤  Anyone have a desk chair they want to sell me lol! Thank you for advice on my last post about computer help!!! I kept all of those tips in mind when I looked.

Also, for those of you who are wondering an affordable place to get a student ring I would recommend Limogos Jewelry. I got my class ring for $119.00 but realized that if you join their email list they send you a link for 20% off any item. So I signed up for that first. The total price of my ring was $95.99. I ordered the ring below (but it will say different things). For those of you who have done a google search for student rings you know that to find one under $100 that is personalized with free shipping and a 20% discount is a bit rare! Also, if you sign up for their email list I recommend waiting 3 days or so before ordering. They sent me a coupon for 25% off not long after I ordered my ring through email. Wishing I had waited for that!

Limogos Ring

Something Random:

Last night my  husband asked if I wanted to play Monopoly with him. It was a Star Wars themed one. I’m honestly not a huge Star Wars fan but I said yes for something different to do. It ended up being a lot of fun! After the game we ended up putting in the Star Wars movie. I think he really enjoyed it. It’s hilarious to see how peoples moral goes up or down depending on how much PAPER  money they have (mine included). Like seriously, play it with your friend or significant other and just watch how their emotions change depending on how they are fairing financially! It’s so true to everyday life.



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