Tired of Childcare Rates! Just posted this on craigslist….

  Note About Rates and some Creative Ideas for Payment (Hampton Roads)

I would really like to remind people about a few things. As a childcare provider (as many of us are) I take pride in my work. I enjoy children and love working with people.  Yet, I too am a person who is struggling financially. I know the economy is rough and wages are low but gas is insane as well. It takes GAS to and from peoples homes to get there. Often people want an interview (understandably) which the average provider does for free. Hence, they are already in the negative before they start working for you.

I just saw an add for a person who wants Saturday and Sunday care for two children for $10……

For whoever takes this job, regardless of how amazing you are, I just would like to kindly point out that you will be in the negative once you finish this job. The amount of gas to and from a persons home two days in a row can easily equal $10 if not more.

Another friendly reminder:
The minimum wage in VA is: $7.25 an hour

Please just think about this. And for those of you who are really struggling with childcare prices I have a suggestion.  If you cannot pay the legal hourly wage why not think about something else you could do to help your provider. I have some ideas of things you could try:

-If you do graphic design or are good with building websites, check and see if your provider could use a “childcare website” to advertise or other type of website/web help/or just computer services in general!
-Offer to help a student put together their resume
-Offer to do your providers taxes for free at the end of the year
-If you are knowledgeable about college, offer to give free career and/or college advice (I would have killed for this as I did not have parents to help me)
-Offer to exchange the favor and take care of their kids when they need help
-Offer to give them foreign language lessons if you know a foreign language
-Offer to give them a cooking class or two if you love to cook
-Offer to give them a few photography classes if you love photography
-If you have a boat, offer to take them and maybe their significant other out in it for lunch sometime
-If you have passes to some parks in the area, offer your provider a chance to come with you or use your passes to get in places free
-Offer your provider art classes
-If you sell something and have access to your products at a very discounted or free rate,  you could offer to give your provider an item (tonight I got offered a free Scentsy candle warmer. Thought that was really awesome).
-If you sell on Etsy, make something for your provider too
-If you are an artist, ask your provider if they would like a painting/drawing and if so, of what?
-If you have a pool, offer for them and maybe a friend to have access to it during a weekend night
-If you have a residence, offer to host a party they may be having for free
-Offer to board their dog if they go on vacation
-If you do hair, offer to cut theirs

Just use your imagination! But please, for goodness sakes, do not ask for $3 an hour for  a babysitter to drive to your house and then back home for a few hours.  As a provider, this really feels hurtful that someone would even think I could afford much less would want to do it for that rate. Yes, the economy is bad. But let’s not take advantage of each other because of this. This is a very unfair world but I continue to believe that we should not do something to get nothing in return.

If anyone has anything they would like to say in response the door is open for you to email! I hope everyone understands where I am coming from. I know what it’s like to be a provider that struggles but I also know the other side of making a really low wage and having no idea how I am going to get by the next day. My heart does go out to families in this situation. That is why I encourage getting creative 🙂 …..

It only takes a few extra seconds to say “I can’t pay much BUT I can help you with your resume!” or something like that. Automatically, my interest is perked. 🙂


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