Massive Vent: To Remind you that I’m a real person!

So this is one of those blogs that reminds you that I’m a real person. This week has been CRAP. Like I can’t even tell you. I’ve been having friend issues. I previously posted a blog about it with the persons name in there (which I regret I used her name). Sometimes we just vent without thinking kwim? and then look back  realizing we could have handled that a lot more maturely. I have days where I’m just like “fuck it” and I post about whatever it is that is going through my mind.  My best friend of 10 years and I have apparently gone in completely different directions. It has been so painful for me that it has felt like a breakup.  I have mouthed off like a child over these past few weeks of this happening. Don’t people sometimes do this though when they are losing something they love? It doesn’t make it right. I was not right for a lot of things I said to my friend as our friendship was dissolving.   So anyway, without going into further detail I’ve been dealing with the loss of that person.  If you know her name then please don’t state it openly.

I read an email about her deciding that she didn’t want to be friends anymore ultimately yesterday.   This was a huge mistake as I was about to go to work babysitting for a new client.  Never do anything stressful when you are about to drive.  I get to my clients neighborhood and cannot find the right house. Realizing I went to the wrong address, I back up in someone’s driveway to turn around and upon pulling out of their driveway I slam into the back of another car. I’m not even kidding. We were both pulling out/reversing at the exact same time.  FML.   So I check and make sure they are ok. They look like they want to kill me. I get it because they had kids in the car. I told them how sorry I was and went for my phone finding it completely dead. I have no way to call my client. I exchange insurance information with the people I hit. The wife then looks at me and says ok so we are clear what happened here. (inferring I was taking total responsibility). Thank you Lord for suppressing my people pleasing tendencies in that moment. I did not respond to her. She then decided she wanted to call the police to take an actual report. Long story short. They came out. Did an “accident report.”  And feel that we were both coming out at the same time when we hit each other. I filed with my insurance as they did with theirs. Apparently we have two different stories as to where our vehicles were when we first made impact. They are stating they were up in their driveway completely…. right.  uggghhhhhh  Fingers crossed this will be ruled a no at fault (aka we were both at fault) accident. I totally lost my babysitting client though in the midst of this because I could only message her later that day when I got home and plugged my phone in. She was nice about it but I get the feeling I’m never going to hear from her again.

Just been a completely craptastic week.  Had to email about how bad it was.

Oh and let me throw one more thing out there that may come across as controversial.  What people are willing to pay for childcare these days is


I look on craigslist and people want to pay (literally) change per hour to watch their children. I understand having a reduced rate if you have a daycare with several children. I give props for any daycare provider that can afford and is able to do that.  ❤ :::applause:::  But, babysitting or being a nanny is different. You are working one on one with ONE clients children. I will say (myself) since I do this. I drive to peoples houses AND back home to my house which takes gas (often a lot depending on where people live).  I interact, play, read, do crafts, keep children on schedule, prepare meals, monitor, change children, etc while I’m at a clients residence.  I’m willing to stay until whatever time the parent chooses to get home. I am seriously not kidding when I say this…People want to pay under $5 an hour in my area for this type of care.  I saw an add on the other day stating that a woman needs help on both weekend days and can pay $10 total. She has two children. WHAT??? The person doing this would come out negative. With gas to and from BOTH days it would equal like -$5 once the babysitter  gets done with everything IF the person lived close. Please think about this before hiring a childcare provider. Even if you can’t afford to pay her much hourly consider what you could offer her. For instance, my job tonight got one of my “discounted” rates. I do not go that low anymore because I realized I cannot afford it at all. However, she offered to give me a Scentsy oil warmer for free that she had.  This made me feel a lot more appreciated!

Just saying……..

Oh I had to go back and add just one more thing to this since God knows I’m on a roll (literally)! I cannot stand when people do this. I was at a friends party today.  I was asked what I did. I said “childcare.” The woman I kid you not says I’m unsure where that is located. I’m like I am a babysitter…she looks shocked, unimpressed, and is like OH.  WTF? I then proceed to tell her I am going to college, will be graduating this summer, and then going right into a Human Services Degree.  She is all “Oh wow good for you. I’m unsure if you know this but just be prepared that profession hardly makes any money.” REALLY? I felt that was super inappropriate on several levels to tell me that. It’s like telling someone who says “I work at Walmart.”  “oh you must be super poor.”  My friend piped up when she said that and is like well she will be making more than she does not babysitting!! And the lady I kid you not goes “well not that much more!”  She seemed like a nice enough lady but Jesus….. THINK PEOPLE…. If you would not want someone to say something like that to you then for goodness sakes don’t respond to others in this way.  Everything I liked about her literally washed down a invisible waterfall right in front of me after those statements.  Anyone who makes you feel embarrassed about who you are as a person really needs to review their people skills.

Ok I’m done. If you read all that you are a true devout follower lol!!!


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