Greasy Fries and New Car

Let me start off by saying how healthy I ate today…


NOT!!!!! hahahah 🙂 Ok let’s put it this way…. I have never in my life had a McDonalds large fries or their Sweet Tea. I can hear the gasps from all around. In the past two days I realized they have a very yummy $1 LARGE Sweet Tea.  Hell0! And today my husband ordered a large fries with his meal. I NEVER eat fries.  I had a few and I could not stop.  I literally ate half his fries which he generously shared with me but was clearly still hungry after his meal.  I asked if I should order another fries. He said “if you want too” which in husband language means “hurry the heck up I’m starving my ass off.” So I did and I ate half of those too. In all, I’ve eaten an entire large Fries today ::GASPS:: I feel….yucky and chunky. But to be honest, it was such comfort food that my mood actually went upwards for the rest of the day.  I can’t say I will do it again or for a long time but man….YUM lol.  Taking a healthy girl to McDonalds for anything but salads is like taking a farm girl to New York. 🙂

Ok a second really positive thing happened today! We all know I’ve been looking for a new car. And by new I mean extremely used, high mileage, AFFORDABLE car.  We have been driving around looking at things. I went into a lot today that had a car for 900 ish.  I’ve never seen such a rough looking car. Rust everywhere, seat covers torn up, etc.  Be rest assured, I did not get it. From there we went to one of the stuck up lots.. I believe Toyota dealership to ask where there used car section was. Apparently, their CHEAPEST used cars are 10,000.  A sales associate we met was nice but literally turned up his nose like he smelled a dead body when we told him what we were looking to pay. Looking horror struck he stated they stand behind their cars. His mood changed from complete uninterest to quite friendly when we mentioned we would consider financing. Moving on from there… We went to another lot that sold cars in the 2000-4000 ish price range. I found the manager outside working on a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire. It did look dirty with leaves in it and what not but they had just gotten it in. 117,000 miles on it, everything worked including AC, working radio with cd player, sliding and tilting sunroof, etc.  The engine was so quiet you could not hear it when it was running. Needless to say I made an offer and he took it! I said $2600 ALL included.  He tried to slip a fast one when my husband went over there with a down payment. He all the sudden said there was a $299 processing fee. My husband told me because I am sure he would figure I would handle that one. Here is what you do if you are ever in that situation.

My text to manager: “I told you that I only wanted to pay 2600. You agreed that this would cover everything. My husband now says there is a $299 fee.  We do not have the money to remotely pay this. If you require this fee just know I am backing out of the deal. Please let me know ASAP so I can know if I should start looking for another vehicle”

Manager Text: The vehicle is still yours. $2600 out the door.

 Do not ever let yourself be pressured by  a car salesman. Hold them to their word and use their word against them if need be to remind them of exactly what they said. They will not give you something for nothing but if you give a fair offer, they will not let you walk away. If you have cash, be prepared to have more power in the situation. Cash in hand you should be able to name your price that moment you see something you like. This puts pressure on the salesman to decide if he should take cash then and accept or risk you getting out of lot to put that cash somewhere else lol.

So here is a pic of the SAME kind of car and color that I am getting. Not of my actual car as I have yet to take a picture of it!! Super proud to be getting ready to buy my first car that soley has my name on it!!!



2 thoughts on “Greasy Fries and New Car

  1. I am really very happy for you. 🙂 That’s terrific, M&M! No doubt this car will serve you for many years (hopefully) and will also serve as a reminder of putting yourself through school. You can consider it your “school car” maybe, (even though you’re an online student). I do that with things: when I’m in tough spots in life, I’ll try to do extraordinary things and there are several reasons for this. They give me something to focus on other than disparity, and when I’ve moved past that particular hardship in life and look back, I see the success I’ve accomplished and not the distress I went through. So maybe you can consider this your “school car” and your early graduation present. When you get your Bachelor’s degree, maybe you can upgrade again. ;0)

    My car looks like like hell, but I tell you what- that thing just keeps running! I figure I’ll wait until it simply dies and then get another. You picked a good one it looks like. Congratz again! :0)

    p.s. I’m alllllmost finished with this semester. (It’s kicking my butt still!)

    Health Psychology- A
    Earth Science- B+

    I’m almost finished with College Algebra (hate hate hate that class- it’s nothing but functions and graphing- which is actually calculus, not college algeba) and that grade will be in by this weekend. I have my Final on Friday and I’m hoping to pass with a C by the skin of my teeth- guh. It’ll be close.

    Talk to you soon. Back to pre-Calculus!


    Oh, and p.s.s.

    Eat more fries!
    Be happy. 🙂

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