Light a Candle For Corbin Tonight. Prayers needed ASAP

I came across “Team Corbin’s” page on facebook yesterday. Though I have only been following his story for a few days, my heart absolutely goes out to him & his family.  Corbin was born with Trisomy 13. Though I do not know much about the condition, I know that it involves being born with an extra chromosome. Instead of having two, Corbin had 3. For more information on his condition please click on >>>  Trisomy 13 .

Corbin’s facebook page is here: Team Corbin

Corbin 2

He is 132 days old and fighting for his life tonight. According to his page, he has been moved to the “Butterfly Room” tonight.  The families last status read:

 ” Please light a candle, say a prayer and keep Corbin in your thoughts. This is beyond us and beyond medicine.
As we wait for family and friends, Corbin will be moved to a butterfly room, surrounded by nothing but love and happiness. “

My candle is lit here in Chesapeake, VA. If you light a candle tonight and/or say a prayer please post below as to what your location is. I believe in the power of prayer. Whether Corbin makes it or not tonight, his family could use prayers of comfort and peace during this time. Doctors did not believe Corbin would ever live through birth. The fact that he was born breathing and crying was miraculous.  Because of this, I have faith he may surprise everyone once again and make it through tonight. Please Pray.



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