Dare to Jump


It’s slow postin these days! Sorry guys! I’ve been tied up with trying to get a job, figuring out where we will be transferring too, and just trying to survive life in general. I believe I did post about graduating but am actually unsure haha? In July 2013 I finished my Associate of Science in Social Science degree. It took me five years to do so. However, instead of being ashamed of that I find myself being thankful that I never gave up on my goal to graduate.  Even when I was literally homeless, I was determined to not give up on education because it was really my only hope of being able to have a better life one day.  I never really stopped to think about what careers I could go into that would not require a college diploma. Those seem to be few and far between. There are some out there though! So if you took that route, have a stable career, and have no college debt I absolutely applaud you.

The update on moving is that Nick has tested for Charleston, SC and is about to test for Jacksonville, SC. As pretty as Florida is…I really want to go home. I want to see my friends, repair relationships, and actually enjoy where I was born. I have never really given myself time to relax and see Charleston, SC for what it is. I allowed so many things and memories from my childhood to negatively effect me when I went there.  It’s time to see the place through a new pair of sunglasses.

I decided to enter into a new major at TCC. I am taking 3 courses in Social Ethics, Psychology, and Human Services. I’m very interested to see how I like the Human Services one as this is what my major is in. Though I have taken Psychology type courses and Social Problems, I’ve never taken just straight Human Services. If I do not like this course it’s really going to throw me for a loop as to what to do. Something I have mildly considered lately is doing an EMT-B(asic) course.  They offer them at colleges. Usually, the courses are 6 months long, $1500, and prepare you for additional testing. If you pass everything you are qualified to go on to work anywhere in the nation as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).  My brother does something similar and has really loved it. I believe he is going to pursue that when he comes back from deployment. Does anyone work in this profession that could give some insight into what an EMT-B would be qualified to do?

I would also like to add, RIP to Corbin. He did pass away recently from Trisomy 13. He was a smiling fighter. I saw a video of him “dancing” to music with tubes all over him. If that is not inspiration, I do not know what is. Heaven gained someone really great.

Hoping everyone is doing well!


3 thoughts on “Dare to Jump

  1. You did it, Jen! Yaaaay…..!!! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, whatever they may be. I have no doubt you’ll impact many lives (for the better). Good things follow people who try. We’re not perfect, but we’re not quitters either, eh? You didn’t throw in the towel and walk away. You toughed it out and show others who want to quit that they too can go on. I’m slapping you a big high 5 right now! My last semester at Vincennes has started before graduating and I’m taking 5 classes- let’s get this party started!! heheh… love you. 🙂 Proud of you, girl!


  2. Thank you Birgitta :::huge grin::: yeah completing that last semester was really huge. I really thought college would never end. And on one hand, I was right considering I’m not done hahha but on the other, it feels so amazing to have SOMETHING to show all the hard work that I’ve put into college. It took five years to get that damn Associates. Looking on the bright side though, like you said, at least I never completely quit. For me, it was the right decision. College may not be the answer for everyone but for what I want to go into, I knew I had to have a degree. Without a Bachelors I cannot even remotely practice Human Services. At least not in my area 😦 I’m super proud of you too for sticking it out and being on your last semester!! yay!! you need to order a graduation ring! I totally did. I went through http://www.limogos.com as they seemed a lot more affordable. I ordered a ring that had two symbols, my name, and an engraving inside that reads “slow n steady 2013” hahahah does that not just sum up the past several years 🙂 I feel like maybe when we get our Bachelors degrees we should make it a point to meet each other and celebrate that accomplishment. What do you think!? And if we are still as poor as we are momentarily then we can just go to Taco Bell and buy cupcakes to eat after hahahahahaha ❤ thanks for everything you have been in my life, for never giving up, and being a constant motivational friend.

  3. sorry link is http://www.limoges.com I spelled it wrong. My ring was $99 in all. Sign up for their email thing first. Wait a few days and they will send you like a 20 or 30 percent off coupon. Use this with a discount code and get a major reduction of price of ring. No way I could spend like 400 for a class ring lol hell no. I was able to manage $99.

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