Will Being in my 20’s EVER end

Being in my 20’s has been nothing short of the word HELL. Have good things happened? Yes definitely. But I feel that these past (almost)6 years and next 4 are the most challenging years I have and will ever experience. Here is a list of things I  have experienced and learned in my 20’s. I’m sure I will be adding to it.


What I’ve learned in  my 20’s

Just because I have a job does *not* mean I get richer.

Financing a brand new car with a $300 monthly car payment is NEVER a good idea.

To be thankful I am not allergic to peanut butter because I have had to eat many a peanut butter sandwiches!

Appreciate days when I can find a matching pair of socks

Self Esteem Issues continue to follow me everywhere yet I continuously convince myself that next summer I will wear that bikini that makes me so uncomfortable to look at.

What heart break REALLY feels like. None of that teeny bopper crap.

Being around books is comforting. Which is why studying at Barnes & Noble = great idea

I’ve had many days where I have not gotten out of bed. Life still goes on though whether I’m under the covers or not.

To become a more open minded person & a more accepting person over all

Financial Aide was over for me when I married a man who had a stable job.  (even though we have both lived off peanut butter sandwiches)

Reversing for a minute, if you get married, start saving for your wedding when your parents give you your FIRST chore. (aka around age 4).

My bank account bounces more often than a basket ball.

All those fad diets I’ve tried going on make me want to chew off my arm in starvation. Me hungry = Me a BITCH

Only say your sorry if you mean it

Some people are not worth the effort

Yet, some people are worth fighting for

 Those who claim you as their “family” that you are not biologically related to or married to are the rarest forms of humans alive. As in, finding a person like this would be like finding a Wooly Mammoth walking through a neighborhood.

Learning to cook saves you A LOT of money.  No need to buy recipe books!! billions of recipes online. If worst comes to worst google Ramen Noodle Recipes.  You WILL go broke eating out all the time.

Discovering what career you want to go into is about as easy as reciting the alphabet backwards while drunk.

Never, ever, ever fight over Facebook. It’s trivial, dramatic, and stupid.

Always treat those as you want to be treated. When you find those who do not follow this rule, do NOT let them walk all over you.

tattoos = good luck finding a job (awesomeness)

facial piercings = good luck finding a job (but still awesomeness)

Every semester of college I thought I would not survive. Every semester, I did.

It’s ok to ask for help

Slow and Steady wins the race

It’s not okay to post extremely heavy statuses on facebook constantly. This drains, stresses, and  causes fights between friends.

Spiders don’t get any cooler

There is nothing wrong with keeping a journal in your 20’s. One day when you are in your 80’s you may really enjoy reading over your walking through hell days.

It IS possible to survive without an iPhone, iPod, Kindle, etc. I’m going on record as saying I completed my Associates Degree without any of these.

Go to Barnes & Noble to browse. Then go directly to amazon.com to buy used.

Appreciate your sibling. Each and EVERY day you have with them. I lost my sister Becky this year. Most painful thing I’ve ever experienced.

Counseling can be beneficial for anyone trying to survive their 20’s .

If crying really helped anything, things would be a lot better.

Allowing myself to have those days though where I cried my eyes out. We all need those days.

Watch kid movies, go to the fair, take up a hobby…. do positive things.

Focus on helping yourself. Put yourself FIRST.

I think not having a job feels “better?” Try not having MONEY. A job, any job, low paying job, is better.

It’s important to really think about what money should be spent on.

Pets are really expensive. Big dogs = big bags of dog food & Kenneling dogs on vacation = expensive.

The power of prayer still exists

Hope still exists

People Change. I changed. It hurts a lot. Prepare yourself.

Watches are pretty much extinct

Learned to enjoy the taste of beer

The sparkly sweet wines are the best


3 thoughts on “Will Being in my 20’s EVER end

  1. Valerie says:

    I love your list. You are so honest and I think it’s great you are taking this perspective – looking at both the wisdom and the hurt you’ve experienced. ❤ I am so unbelievably sorry about your sister. BIG *hugs* hon.
    Keep writing and stay positive! Learn to love and accept yourself more because you are a beautiful person!!!!!!!

  2. A wonderful post. Truly enjoyed it. So sorry about your sister. I lost my baby sis, too. She was only 34. It’s been many years now but still painful. We were very close. Big (((HUG))).

  3. At least your “20’s list” didn’t look like mine. Are you ready kids?!

    1. Lose sanity
    2. Get locked away in psych ward
    3. Get divorced again
    4. Marry your x-husband
    5. Lose custody of children
    6. Take antidepressants and other meds
    7. Start counseling
    8. Get evicted
    9. Live in homeless shelter

    Wasn’t that loads of fun??

    For the record, my 40’s are so much better! Heheh…
    I have lived through things that would make people question whether I’m making it up or not. Still, I’ve gained a lot of things (on the inside) that I could only gain through the hell I’ve been through. I have no doubt, M&M, that you’re like good wine- you’re only getting better with age. Also, think about this, much like me, when you’ve gone through this much hell- it can only go up from there, right? In all of the things I’ve experienced, I’ve never experienced the loss of my sister. 😦 My heart still breaks for you and I think you’re terribly courageous to be able to share that with the whole world. Your sister would no doubt be very proud of you, and she lives on in YOU.

    I have really missed you!
    Good seeing you again and I enjoyed reading this. :0) xo

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