Foot Bath & Beer

A foot bath and a beer are seriously the two thing that I could go for right now. I can see myself becoming an avid beer drinker while watching re runs of Judge Judy as I treat my feet well. Ok so I am sure you are wondering why I keep referring to my feet. About a month ago I took on a FULL TIME position at an animal hospital here in Virginia. It was for a Kennel Tech position. So I am thinking ok, this will be fun. I will get to take care of dogs and let them outside. Somehow I did not imagine the job involving lifting a deceased dogs body into a truck to be cremated, standing the entire time I am there, dogs getting out of their kennels, working while other people just stand and whisper, and the list goes on…….  I do want to say this though, I really do like the place.  The managers are veterinarians and the practice opened 26 years ago (a year before I was born).  The last person that was a kennel tech there lasted 19 years!!!!!! I can tell they have their fingers crossed that I will be able to fill the shoes of that person. Sadly, they are way too big for me 🙂  I hit a point when I get a new job where normally I want to quit rather quickly. I’ve always been like this.  I put 110 percent into everything I do but I also completely exhaust myself to the point of sickness.  When I get ill, I feel defeated.  I of course got ill as I was training for this Kennel Tech position. I had to call out a day. Feeling defeated, I almost quit. However, thanks to my counselor, I told myself I knew what that felt like. I am friends with staying in the bed under the covers and saying fuck the world.  Nothing positive or productive ever comes from that. So this time, I told myself to give it 5 more days and if I still felt the same way it was ok to end it.  The fact that I went back when I hit a place where I was done is amazing.  I never do that. Very rarely can I push through it when my mind set goes to that place. ❤ For that I am proud of myself.  The amount of foot and leg pain I experience from standing though is insanely crazy. I have tried ibuprofen, soaking  my feet, elevating my feet, etc. NOTHING works. I probably need to bight the bullet and get new shoes. Any recommendations?


School is…well… sucking right now. It’s not really happening. I have a test due, assignments due, etc. I have NO time to do them. NO time to study. I am too exhausted to read much less stay awake too.  I went to my manager the other day and told him I need to change my schedule because I am falling behind horribly in school.  He said he would talk to the other manager and see if they could come up with anything.  I basically said that either we could come up with less hours or that I was comfortable with someone taking my place. I think this let him know how serious I was.  I have to start putting myself first more and I felt like going to the manager and standing up for myself was a step in the right direction. Risking my job for what I needed was something else huge. Before, I would have gone into that office. The manager would have given me the same look of frustration and I would have backed down saying never mind forget it. Not this time.  I’m becoming more assertive. Tomorrow I am supposed to find out what they are going to offer. We will see what happens……


One thought on “Foot Bath & Beer

  1. Jen, i’m really proud of you. You’re getting stronger and it shows. :0) I sure hope this works out for you. I know you must be exhausted! I don’t think I’d do the school/job thing very well at the same time and I can see why you’d be wiped out. What classes are you taking this semester? I love Judge Judy too! She’s such an inspiration for me. Life doesn’t get much better than something good to eat and my Judge Judy shows…heheh.. I miss you. xo

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