The Man Who Quit Money & Rascall Flatts


Hope everyone is having a great weekend! To all those who work during the weekend, my heart goes out to you.  I saw a woman today at the Dollar Tree who told me “what’s a weekend” as she was working apparently all week long.  I’m thankful to have a husband that makes it possible for me to work part time and go to school.  Tonight I am feeling very positive so hopefully this will be a much nicer post than the ones I sometimes write! Last Thursday, my husband and I went to go see Rascall Flatts and The Band Perry!! The concert was fabulous and extremely long.

  Rascall Flatts Concert 2013 2

I won a CD!! I chose Bucky Covington’s . Unsure if many remember but he was on American Idol back in the day and has a beautiful country voice. He reminds me a bit of Keith Urban and for those wondering, the cd is great! My husband won a 97.3 The Eagle tattoo which is quite appropriate for him considering he is working on a cd 🙂

Rascal Flatts Concert 2013 1

So today, I went to Tropical Smoothie and got a Southwest Chicken Wrap and a Tropicaloda. Basically, if you spiked it, it would be a Pina Colada and who doesn’t love those! For some reason, I had this crazy idea that I could study in a Tropical Smoothie. Clearly, I forgot about the 3 smoothie blenders that were in there and the loud employees that clearly did not want me sitting in the restaurant studying when they wanted to talk. I quickly made an exit and went over to Barnes and Noble.  I picked up a few things. First I found this journal which I love for $8.95:


I also found a book called “The Man Who Quit Money” by Mark Sundeen.  Mark wrote about an actual man he knew called Daniel Suelo who decided to literally quit money. He left the last $30 to his name in a phone booth and walked out. I cannot believe it’s a true story and a person actually succeeded in doing this. I cannot wait to read. It got 4 stars on Amazon: The Man Who Quit Money. Looking forward to hopefully learning some survival tips and how not to take so many things that I have in my life today for granted. Found this book on sale for $3.99. Can order used on amazon starting at $1.51 !

the man who quit money

Well that was my day! Have a wonderful weekend! ❤ More pics to come from a crappy camera phone. Thankfully I at least have that. My last camera got something spilled on it and quit 😦 sadness


3 thoughts on “The Man Who Quit Money & Rascall Flatts

  1. aww thanks girl!! I appreciate it! I always am like ugh if I see pictures of myself due to the low self confidence thing. For some reason I feel confident if my hair is longer lol! Isn’t that weird? I am trying to grow it out to donate it ❤ do you know of a good cancer awareness type place I could donate it too that makes wigs? My sister would have liked that I did that. Also, I need to email you about an idea I had for a craft thing. Unsure if someone has already made it though and figured you would know since it's the type of thing that would be at Barnes and Noble ! That is great you got a new laptop! I read that on my last post. Isn't it amazing how laptops literally just cause you to want to sit in a chair the rest of your life hahahah I'm glad it's not just me!!!

  2. oh and you should check out that book. It actually is pretty hilarious, relatable, and good. Short read. Think you would like 🙂 I did see Sylvia Plaths unabridged journal at Barnes and Noble and flipped through it. Looked AMAZING. Sounds like she didn’t have a father and the guys she dated never worked out because they couldn’t be her father. I sooo get that. Anyway will have to read soon!

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