Cutest LITTLE Car…

I’ve always really loved “little” things. I came across this picture of the tiniest car I’ve ever seen. No idea what it is. Would be awesome if it was called the “Bubble” or something haha. Had to share it…

cute car

Speaking of cars, I will soon be car shopping again. Turns out the 2001 Pontiac Sunfire I bought for 2600 is a PIECE OF CRAP. It needs fuel pump and serpentine belt tensioner. We are out of money. So frustrated by car shopping. Every time I go I get taken advantage of 😦

What car do YOU recommend and why?


2 thoughts on “Cutest LITTLE Car…

  1. That is a cute car! I would highly recommend a Honda or Toyota- they get great gas mileage and are work horses! My car (Honda LX) has 300,000 miles on it- has been beaten black and blue and is still getting 35 MPG. It just refuses to die. (It was given to me by my sister over 4 years ago because she was afraid it wouldn’t last much longer.) :0)

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