Bark At The Park!!!

Today, my husband, 2 chihuahuas, and I went to Bark At The Park in Chesapeake, VA. It’s similar to Paws For A  Cause which was located in Newport News, VA. Basically, it’s similar to an art festival where people set up tents to promote their products such as dog food, vets, boutiques, etc. It seriously was so much fun ❤ I took a few pictures to share with you of our dogs!!!

Bark at Park

Bark at Park

police car

Awesome police car out there!! Notice all the ribbons lining the bottom of the car. It supported literally every cause that there is. LOVED


Daisy and Duke!!

Nick wasn’t sure about putting the blue fluffy bow thing on Duke but when it was offered for free he said that since Duke was already struggling with his sexuality, it was ok to go ahead and put a bow on him LOL

cute bark at park

Daisy made a VERY LARGE friend 🙂

Duke in a bag Bark In The Park 2013

Duke chilled out in our promotional bag for a great portion of the event. hahaha


We picked them up a few toys, a few bandanas, and a magnet for my car that said “Wag for Awareness” ❤

FREE things

All of this was FREE. Free shirts, hats, bones, sample dog food, dog ids, magnets, scoops, Frisbees, license plate tag thing, etc!

Mongolian Food

We ended the day with some Mongolian Food. YUM 🙂


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