What I need to do more of…

There are several things that I need to do more of. Notice, I do not say “want” but NEED.  If something boosts my quality of life, then that is enough reason for me to do it more often. I figured I would make a list because me and my OCD self love things that are lined up.

  •  Need to clean more. (Take out trash, do dishes before they become a leaning tower)- I feel SO  much better emotionally if our house is clean 🙂
  • Read More (not talking about school books….)
  • Go to more art festivals- These are usually FREE and so much fun.
  • Enhance my creativity by a lot.  – I have a Pinterest and what not but how often do I make crafts???  I would say the last time I was around 6 years old!
  • Continue to set goals and look on the positive side of things. Glass is half full.
  • Write in new journal- I love writing and just finished my old journal. I can’t ever make time to write a page that isn’t homework anymore. I’m going to regret this one day if I don’t start again.
  • Find a church-I miss going to church. I need to stop making up excuses and just find one to attend.
  • Not spend so much time on facebook. I’m scared to know the percentage of my life spent reading pointless stuff
  • Drink more water- I’ve gotten away from this…
  • Unpack boxes that have sentimental stuff in them- I’ve had a lot I’ve kept “secure” in boxes for years. It’s time to break through that wall and take the stuff out
  • Go to the Zoo more! …how I ❤ animals
  • Finish these fall courses like a boss
  • Get back into yoga- one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever done
  • Go back to counseling- another thing I’ve gotten away from that really helps me feel emotionally and physically healthier
  • Start a collection again- I used to collect glass animals. Want to collect something else now hmmmm
  • Save up to get a really nice camera. I’ve wanted one my entire life. It’s time I do something about that.
  • Take a deep breath and realize I am not supposed to know all the answers right now




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