Affordable No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

pumpkin 2

Hello Friends!

Ok so I did a Book Wreath post the other day which I can’t wait to do. However, I was jumping a bit ahead of holidays ha! Halloween is NEXT so in honor of that I wanted to do a Halloween post.  This year, I’m feeling pretty lazy. I know many enjoy carving pumpkins with their family and what not. And if you do, then that is awesome! But, between working, going to school, and cooking I’m lucky if I am even going to have pumpkins sitting on my porch (much less carved). So, I youtubed “No Carve pumpkin ideas” and low and behold, there must be people that feel the same way I do!  I enjoy SoCraftastics ideas on youtube and was happy to see that she  has posted a decorating pumpkin video here ====> Decorate Pumpkins-No Carve . I love the ideas she had on this video and would really recommend you check it out! I especially love the one about gluing rhinestones to the pumpkins! Who would have thought to glue rhinestones to a pumpkin…. NOT ME!

If you are going to Michael’s for your craft supplies I encourage you to go to their page here ===>  Michael’s Coupons . You can print these or text to phone on the page which is awesome and convenient !

Have Fun!


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