Book Wreath Craft Update

I ended up making the === > Book Wreath! Thanks again to Robeson Design for the idea and tutorial !  I think it looks really cool and am proud of myself for actually making something.  If we are not talking food, I never “make” anything! I wanted to include a few pics on how it turned out. Also of the adorable glue fun I found at Michaels for I believe under $10! You will need a glue gun for this craft along with a stapler, compass protractor, scissors, pen, core board , and an old book 🙂 .

Here is how mine turned out :

Jenny's Craft

A closer up..

closer up craft

My Mini Glue Gun

glue gun

What I can tell you about this craft… You have to be very patient 🙂 The tutorial is not that long but one must understand that each step (like rolling up the book pages and stapling all 120 of them) takes some time. Now, if you are like me, you think that by tearing out pages up to number 120 is sufficient. Wrong haha. You need 120 PAGES. Each book page has a front and back. Therefore, if you need to go by the page.  I went to the thrift store and found an old book that  had aged looking pages. I’m so glad I did because the coloring of the pages really added to how it looked. Now, here is a tip to getting out the pages. The woman in the tutorial used a razor blade to cut out the pages.  I found that for me it was safer and easier to use an x-acto knife which can be purchased at Michael’s or other craft store. An x-acto knife is like a small knife that looks like this….

exacto knife

Before you glue on your rolled book pages to the core board, please make sure you follow the instructions for cutting the board down to right size BEFORE you glue on everything. I was being lazy so I kept the board the same size I bought it and figured I could cut it down after. It was a big mistake as I had to use the x acto knife to cut off board everywhere it was showing and it took FOREVER.

Looking forward to hanging this on my wall 🙂 wanted to share with you guys!

Today, we put wreath on wall! here it is..



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