Relocating !


A mini update today 🙂 We found out this past weekend that Nick got an offer of employment from a company in SC. So we will be moving back to Charleston, SC. SO excited as I have wanted to go back for quite a while now. South Carolina is my home and Florida is Nick’s. In all fairness, he applied to Florida too and I told him whichever one we got I would support him.  Charleston, SC ended up beating Florida to the punch. It will be crazy to go back after 3 years and start all over there. In case you have not followed my story, I was thrown out of my house when I was 21 years old. For a while, I slept in my best friends room while continuing  to go to school online.  I then moved to VA to be with Nick, my boyfriend at the time. Eventually we got engaged and then it was decided to call the engagement off.  Back to SC I went into that same friends room. I slept my her bed and worked full-time (while still staying in school) until realizing I needed to return to VA.  My x fiancé and I decided to give it one more go which led to me being married.  I’ve stayed in school the entire time and got my Associate of Science here in VA.  For the first time, I worked at a vet hospital and have fallen in love with the environment (and animals).  I’ve made a few special friends here and have sadly lost a few as well.

Basically, I’m ready for a break.

I want to drive down to Folly Beach and just breathe.

I dearly miss the palmetto trees.

I know Charleston, SC can be a beautiful place and memory

Starting over is the answer.

And it’s time.

palmetto fountain


4 thoughts on “Relocating !

  1. Hey Val! I loved that you have followed me long enough to know to ask this question haha. I’m very close to my grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, and cousins. I also have a brother in SC in which I am looking forward to spending more time getting to know. As for my actual parents, unfortunately no. For a long time I was bitter about it and I still have my days. But I realized that not all things can be “fixed.” That in order to heal, I had to stop being angry about what isn’t and look at what is. It’s definitely a process that is going to take a lot longer but I’m at a point where I am ready to return home and start things over. I think it will look like a whole new place. Thank you for keeping up with me so well and always being supportive ❤ It's not how many followers I have but the ones that take the time to comment and really care that mean the most to me. 🙂 Hope you are well!

    1. Valerie says:

      That’s great that you have family to connect with when you get home! I’m sorry about your parents. I have a fake relationship with my mom (meaning, we have no closeness, but we are on speaking terms), and my dad passed away in 2002. It’s hard, but you’re right about letting go of anger. XO

  2. I live here in Charleston and love it. Sounds like you’ve been through a lot, but yay for getting to return and I hope you get to dip your toes in the sand at Folly soon after getting here!

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