Blog Help Wanted!

Hey Guys!

So I need advice on how to do something.  A few years ago, my extent of knowledge on blogging was myspace and facebook.  That was pretty much it. If you had asked me how to buy a .com website I think I would have spit my coffee everywhere in a fit of laughter. When I say I had NO IDEA about anything website wise, I really mean that! Since beginning this blog, I at very least have discovered how to buy my own domain name, have giveaways/blog parties, edit and post pics within my blog, write features, and gain many loved followers.  However, I would still really like to get to have more control over my blog. I’ve tried googling this but I can’t figure out how exactly to switch my website (the free version) to a paid version or have a host that would allow me to edit/add to my page. I’m seeing lots of great looking blogs with social media buttons at the top, BlogHer (and other) promotional adds on the side, etc. The free version of wordpress though will not allow me to do any of this.  They do have layouts you can buy but…no offense to wordpress…but they are not exactly what I am looking for.  I just have a certain way I want my page to look.  I need advice about how to do this and also referrals of people that could do it for me. I am willing to pay someone (ideally a web design student or person asking affordable rate) for helping me with this!! I am also willing to work with someone who just needs a great reference on their resume and is willing to do this for me just for experience sake.  I’m looking at all options but am open to discussing it~!  I would just REALLY like all my material from wordpress to come with me when I switch into a different layout situation.

If anyone has advice about how to do this I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!



2 thoughts on “Blog Help Wanted!

  1. From the sounds of what you said, you should not be looking for a web designer. I’m a web designer but WordPress is something else again. It is a framework where it is in control and you may not find it as flexible as you want. Have you looked at Blogger? There are widgets you can add to the sides and elsewhere. Is your problem your hosting? You should have access to all sorts of modifications and page changes.

    If someone sets up a website — not WordPress or Blogger — and you intend to maintain and update it you will have to learn whatever program they use, probably Dreamweaver. There will be a lot more work and every page, link, table of contents, etc. will have to be edited manually, every time to post. WordPress does all that for you.

    I suggest you focus on why WP is not working for you and if that can be remedied.

  2. Hey Lehane!
    I’m sorry that this comment is so late! I did see your post though and have just now gotten a chance to respond. I think that is the problem, I don’t find wordpress as flexible as I want. I don’t like the layouts they offer either. I do not think the “free” version of wordpress allows you to add widgets outside of the ones they give you to put on the side of your page. For instance, If I want the little icon buttons at the top of my page that links my page to Pinterest, Twitter, etc how would I go about that? Also, I have been looking into BlogHer which a lot of bloggers are members of. However, one of the restrictions of being accepted is that you cannot have the free version of wordpress. I would need either the paid for version or a different web host entirely. What would you suggest 🙂 ?

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