Sunday News

Hey everyone!

So I’ve been really busy putting adds up on craigslist to try and get our house rented. My heart goes out to anyone trying to actually sell their house right now, as it feels like the market is made up of crickets. It’s been like complete silence for a while lol! Not that crickets are silent…but anyway! Today, I am going to go by Barnes & Noble to study my Psychology 201 and Social Ethics. I’ve made the decision to take a semester off of school to figure out what direction I am going in. Career wise, things have been getting foggyer for me. No idea if that is a word, but I just made it one.  I may do a future post on my blog about career challenges and decided which direction to go in based off of peoples advice who have “been there” before. One of the best things adults, especially young adults, need to hear is that they are not alone.  It feels incredibly lonely when everyone around you seems to have it together though.  However, we must remind ourselves that our social circle is EXTREMELY tiny compared to the billions of other people in this world.  It would be awesome to figure out a way to connect people that need advice to each other.  I think teachers, parents, and churches think that they are enough. And maybe for some people they are. But lets take a minute to really think about who has ALL three of those in their life. And the ones that do, are they expected to just use solei those recourses? It’s not fair…

Moving on to something else, as the above is an entire nother post…. if I get a chance today I’m going to go by Michaels and try that silhouette craft that I posted about earlier~ ! It looks fun so I am hoping that mine will turn out. I will report about how it went when I try it.  I’ve gotten away from the whole cooking thing lately. Which is why our freezer is probably packed with frozen foods! I feel so ick! It’s saying that if I do not make a healthy recipe soon, it’s going to abandon me 🙂

Alright well just wanted to drop in and give a bit of an update.  We do have a family coming to see the house today….yay! Again, fingers crossed and if you pray, please pray that we get this place sold by the end of November. I’m ready to go home and be with people I have not gotten to spend time with in YEARS.

Thank you all for following and being wonderful

Oh and I found this awesome sign that I want to buy ASAP


Can be purchased here —- > Laundry Sign


2 thoughts on “Sunday News

  1. I hope you’re able to sell your house- I think you’ll do it. :0) And I think taking a semester off of school is a great idea. After graduating, I may take a year off to work on my writing/art/photography and basically- be a bum. (And I can’t WAIT.) heheh…

    Things’ll come together for you, M&M.
    It can be tough transitioning over into the next stage of your life- but you’re a tough cookie. I’m very excited for you. 🙂

  2. Hey girl! thanks for your email so sorry I’m slow to reply. A lot going on with trying to finish up work and school. I know you get how that is haha but I will reply soon promise! I think we found renters which is awesome. I will let you know for sure. They just have to have their credit checked and what not. Fingers crossed something works. I think it’s an awesome idea to take a year off to work on what you love. You will always look back too and be thankful you took that year. There are so many things you can create in a year too. I look forward to seeing your work. I’m unsure the last time you painted but for me, I was prob about 10 lol. Anyway, my project required some painting. (God Help Me). I’m doing that Silhouette craft. It’s always worth it to put time and patience into something but wow is it hard. I was sitting here trying to outline my traced stencil with paint and I about lost it. I wanted to take the paint and just throw it everywhere ! 🙂 Decided after outlining the first word to give it a rest until tomorrow! It’s fun to make things though…..just a learning process for me. I have to be in the right mood. Oh and I was so frustrated with Nick last night I totally got in the bed with my mod podge, canvas, scissors, and papers and was just going at it on the craft. He comes in and is like ehhhh I don’t think you should be doing this in the kind of mood you are in. I’m like NO I DO MY BEST WORK WHEN I AM UPSET. hahaha ❤ You and I prob share this!!! He's all …ok Picasso … :p Talk to you soon!

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