Is College The Answer?

Is College The Answer?

Up until recently, I’ve been saying a loud and clear: YES.  I’ve been operating for years off the assumption that once one has a degree, all gets easier. Feeling that surely, once I had that diploma hanging on my wall, I would see a HUGE lifestyle change. This is coming from a girl that can’t hardly afford to buy socks.

For some reason I thought this is what the educated life would look like:


boat house


Except ever since I got my degree…this is more of what it has been like:

one-dollar bills

African American Woman

lean cuisine

Now, before I go any further, I want to make sure you understand that I’m not AGAINST education.  I am just speaking in terms of my personal experience and pondering the idea of what it would have been like had I taken a different road.

Road Split

 I went to college and got an Associate of Science in Social Sciences which I have completed.

I’m working on my Bachelors degree through Columbia College while working Monday-Friday  at an animal hospital.

As of right now, here is what I’ve found about my lifestyle:

-I do not have more money

-I do not have more socks

-We still buy Ramen Noodles

-I  have  a lot of debt

-I have even more debt to go before I get my Bachelors

-I stay burned out

– I’m frustrated

-My husband who is in a career field that does not need a college degree makes quadruple what I make

– I feel scammed by the price of college, books, and the ideal image of a college educated person that is drilled into us

-I’m scared that I’m digging myself a huge hole with education

For the first time, I’m beginning to ask myself if college was the right choice.  I graduated with a 3.8 Summa Cum Laude and member of Phi Theta Kappa. All that sounds awesome right? Like brag worthy as if I should have tons of scholarships.


The best four year colleges did for me was offer me “in state price” if I went to them. Great.

I’m taking a break after this semester. I have to figure all of this out.

If anyone would like to answer the question

Is College the Answer?

I invite you to do so

As clearly, I need advice 🙂


One thought on “Is College The Answer?

  1. Great post, M&M! And wait, I didn’t get the memo?! You graduated already? What?!
    Good golly- I had no idea. I thought you were still finishing up your last semester like me. (Doh.) I don’t blame you at all for taking a semester off. I cracked up reading the Ramen noodles and socks bit…haha…welcome to my world! I think you’re expressing the woes of millions of graduates in this post. Keep me updated! xo

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