Career Binder

I came up with the idea today to make a “Career Binder.”

If you are like me, you have papers all over your house!


So  I came up with a solution!

Go buy a cheap school binder:


Some Dividers:


And Page Protectors:

page protectors

Label dividers for things such as:


-loan information


-Career Section (different college major plans that you may be interested in)

-Contacts (important phone numbers)

-Diploma Section (unless you prefer them on your wall)

Also, if your binder has zipper pockets or small compartments you may want to stick your social security card in one.

This binder will help you keep your life and career goals organized!! I am moving and now feel confident that I could just unzip this binder and pull out my resume and other additional info I would need for  applying/interviewing for employment.

Good luck! ❤


3 thoughts on “Career Binder

  1. I also recommend having an online copy of your resume, for that ‘just in case’ moment! Emailing yourself copies of all those important application documents gives you the ability to quickly email someone your info.Good luck and have a great move!

  2. Thanks Birgitta 🙂 It has really helped get my papers organized lol. And thank you to the Organizational Specialist for your advice too!!! I agree, having a back up file on computer is extremely important to email or print resumes. I guess I just like having a copy on hand too in case computer were to crash or in case of a move, my computer may not be hooked up yet. Will have to check out your blog! I need some more motivation to organize 🙂

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