Starbucks Christmas Wreath (updated)

Hello Guys!

I spent the first part of today studying at Starbucks. I love the feeling of getting to grab one of the umbrella tables out front as soon as people leave it.  It makes me feel heroic haha~!  The drink I’ve gotten the past few days at starbucks is the Skinny Peppermint Mocha.  Well, what’s hilarious is that as soon as I get it, I drop about 6  Sweet N Low Packets into it haha. I would prob be better off just getting the sugar version! I guess psychologically a “skinny” drink sounds perfect to a woman.


My friend Lisa made this awesome looking Wreath below. She found it on Pinterest and went by what the picture looked like. I’m sure she had one of those moments (like I later had) where she felt like… this really didn’t come with any directions?? haha.  I hate when I find a great pic on pinterest but the link is just that… a PICTURE.  I need step by step, hold my hand, easy directions. Anyway, I decided to brave it since Lisa’s came out great.


Lisa’s page can be found here on facebook ❤

So I went to Michaels with the FULL intention of doing a all year round wreath. But of course, Michaels has to have Christmas stuff EVERYWHERE. I don’t even like Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving but when I went in that store…I was magically brainwashed by all the sparkles and holiday colors :). So my wreath turned into a Christmas Wreath! I did use the initial idea though! The wreath itself was cheap (under 6 bucks). The initial was under $3.  I also bought a few fake sparkly poinsettias and some leaves to glue on around them.  They sell the wood initials at Michaels but you can choose to paint them to if you want too (I did). I got the paint that was the closest to the Christmas Tree Green Color.


I let that dry while I used my hot glue gun to glue on some of the poinsettias. I will say, if you are like me, you will try to cut the flowers off their stems with a pair of scissors. Nope. There is a wire under the plastic so that will not work haha. I realized though you can just pull the flowers right off the stems .  The leaves that hung off the sides of my flower stems did not have a wire going through them so I could use a pair of scissors to just cut those off. I arranged the flowers and leaves around the wreath and then took my time just gluing them down. Not a process you want to rush, as glue guns are VERY hot. Once my letter was dry, I glued that down too! I was able to do this project in ONE night !

Here is how my wreath turned out below!

Wreath Nov 2013

I later however decided to get a different “F” and paint it light green. The dark green, though “Christmas Tree Green”, was way too dark. A friend suggested a lighter shade. I think it looks MUCH better (Below)

Wreath Nov 2013

I will later do a all year round wreath hopefully 🙂 If you prefer to try that here is a GREAT tutorial on how to make roses out of felt here at JanaesDayBeu Youtube Channel

Good luck and if you try this, please let me know how it worked out for you! 😉


2 thoughts on “Starbucks Christmas Wreath (updated)

  1. Thanks girl haha I cant believe how expensive these things go for in the store lol. I am going to repaint the F though because it’s too dark 😦 I think it needs to be a lighter green to stand out or if I feel adventurous, do it red and white striped! We will see. It’s really fun making things. I’ve stopped pinning a billion things off pinterest and just started trying them as I find them. That has really helped ❤

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