I remember one Christmas, a long time ago, I had my heart set on getting a camera. Not one of those little hand held ones but the nice ones. I didn’t get it and upon finding this out, I went in my room and cried. For a reason I cannot explain, photography has always meant an incredible amount to me. I get high when I take pictures, relaxed when editing them, and then proud when seeing the result.  Up until today though, I had pretty much gotten down to doing photography with my camera phone (as my last camera broke 😦 ) .

Now if you are a photographer and are having to use a camera phone (unless you have a super nice phone) you are probably  just about to lose your mind.


Well before I officially lost it….

I went to Best Buy today to check out some DSLRs .  They had a couple but the lowest ones were In the $400 range. I got around $600 back from student loans but of course I have already spend $100 of it on a credit card payment and other.  I wait FOREVER in the camera section to talk to one of the “camera sales guys.” While waiting, I’m eyeing a Canon Rebel T3 15-55 mm and going for $429.99 and a Nikon D3100 with 15-55 mm lens for $429.99.  Cosmetically, the Nikon was much more sheik looking! However, I was still town between the two, as I am a NOVICE when it comes to DSLRs. By the time the camera guy finally got to me, he was not much help. I asked them the difference between the two cameras in which he responded…. there really isn’t any difference. (Great, Thanks).  I decided to do my own research. They BOTH seem to be great beginner DSLR cameras.  One of my Photography friends, Birgitta, pointed me in the direction of a new Canon Rebel T3 on ebay that was going for $100 less than Best Buy was asking! She felt that for what I was getting, this was the better deal.

canon rebel

Canon EOS Rebel T3 / 1100D Digital SLR Camera – Black (Kit w/ EF-S 18-55mm) NEW

Also, thanks again Birgitta, for pointing me in the direction of this 50 mm Canon Lens on ebay. Though it does not have a large range as far as zoom, it makes the picture quality much sharper. The lenses you get in the starter kit just do not do it for it for me anymore.


NEW! Canon Normal EF 50mm f/1.8 II Autofocus Lens

My advice to you if you are new to getting a DSLR and need help is to NOT just rely on a store like Best Buy for answers. Do your own research, look at reviews, and ask someone who TRULY knows photography. I am in no way suggesting to ask me ha as I have no idea what to tell you other than I had good guidance.  I will, however, post about my camera with pictures as I learn.  And even though what I spent was A LOT, I will use it for years to come.  If I had just purchased some makeup or clothes I will have long forgotten about them years down the road while still paying back loans. This is my FIRST DSLR camera and my FIRST truly good investment. Felt it was worth recording as one day I hope to look back and still be smiling about this.


2 thoughts on “My FIRST DSLR <3

  1. I’m so happy for you! Another good piece of advice- shoot in RAW. Always. Your camera will have a “RAW” mode, and this is the highest quality. When you shoot in Jpeg, it compresses the image before you get to even PP/post process it in an editor. Imagine a machine that chews your clothes up and resews them up (microscopically) together again. Sure, it’s going to resemble your former shirt and pants, but there will be noticeable differences as you start wearing them. Scratchiness here and there, a small rip here…it’s not the same. Same with your pics. Shooting in RAW allows you to keep the original image’s quality so that when you edit it, there’s no loss of quality. It also allows you to adjust things like WB/white balance, etc. while Jpeg smashes that stuff down so you’re getting a shoddy version. Always shoot in RAW. (Edit pic, then save it in Jpeg when you’re done. Voila.) When you get your camera, you should switch it over to RAW immediately and leave it there. It takes up a lot more space- each RAW file is like- 5 or 6 megs (or more) but that’s because the quality is higher. If you’re out shooting for the heck of it and it won’t matter anyway, shoot in Jpeg, but if you want high-quality shots that truly make a difference- RAW. Hope that helps! Have a blast with your new toy. :0)

  2. So if I shoot in RAW and take the SD card to say Walgreens I can upload them all normally and print them out? Or do I need to edit all RAW files and first and convert to JPG before being able to print them out somewhere? I have heard that shooting in RAW mode is much better quality but I’ve never known why! That’s fascinating the way you explained it. I never knew that. ahh I have so many questions 😦 !

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