Please help Pregnant Traveling Military Wife That had EVERYTHING stolen


I had a different post planned for today but have changed my mind. I just came upon “The Kim Recovery Fund” that explained how a woman named Kim, who was traveling from Florida to VA, had her U-Haul and Truck stolen while she was inside her hotel. She literally had packed her life into her U-Haul to relocate HERE (where I live!) to Hampton Roads in VA to be with her husband.  Upon going into a hotel in NC with her pajamas and toothbrush, she had planned on hitting the road early the next morning. When she walked out of her hotel, she found her truck and U-Haul gone.  Can you imagine how terrifying that would be? Police were able to locate both the U-Haul and truck but both had been burnt  to a crisp. The only thing that survived was her fathers urn.  I know this is a legitimate story because I watched her interviewed and story about the crime on That page can he found here.  Any form of donation can be made here:

The Kim Recovery Fund

Even if you could just share this blog, I would highly appreciate. In all actuality, this could have been any of us. She was an innocent victim. In the same situation, I would hope people would reach out to me. I do not know her, but I want to help her ❤ .

I pray for this family and that they can slowly put the pieces of their lives back together again.


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