A few Christmas Ideas for Adults & Kids …. since a few snowflakes fell


Good morning 🙂

It’s a nice freezing day here in Chesapeake, VA. Well, not literally FREEZING, but cold enough to where I am wishing I invested in that nice soft coat last time I was at the mall! Yesterday, we had a few snowflakes come down. My husband saw the first snowflake and goes: There’s a snowflake, it’s coming down!!! It was pretty hilarious! People in Virginia get like this (as they do in SC too) when it snows…


Since everything is in boxes right now, I can’t exactly do a craft 😦 or cook for that matter. We literally needed a pot the other day and had to open a box to get to one.

NOTE TO SELF: Pack cooking items on the last day!!!!

I did see a few cute Christmas ideas on facebook the other day. In honor of the few snowflakes that decided to make an appearance, I will post the ideas below. But true Christmas ideas will not be coming until after Thanksgiving haha. Though no Christmas tree is up at my house….I must admit the Christmas wreath I made is. 🙂


You don’t really need instructions with this one 🙂 if you love mickey then this would be an easy (and cute!) gift to give for Christmas.

Needed: White buttons

Red Ornament (if a child is doing it I would recommend a plastic ornament)

Permanent marker

hot glue and/or some form of super glue

Instructions: Basically, it looks like you use the permanent marker to draw and fill in a circle around the top of the ornament. Then, using the glue, paste on the buttons. Voila.

*I would check at $1 Tree for an ornament!*


The above is another cute idea! Something very easy and affordable.  A lot of people do the whole “Elf on the Shelf” idea so you could tie this into that. You could have your elf appear with a little baggie that has these “seeds” in it that he brought from the North Pole! Then, plant them in the sugar, and have candy canes appear the next day ❤

Lastly, I found some Rudolph Pancakes!!! This is totally for adults AND kids because I am making these this year. This is happening haha.

rudolph pancakes

There was no recipe attached on pinterest but this is pretty self explanatory. Get some pancake mix ( and any ingredients that the box says needs to go with the mix), whip cream, blueberries (eyes), Cherry (nose), and Bacon (antlers). Then just make small and large pancakes for the nose and face. SO ADORABLE.

Just a few ideas!


3 thoughts on “A few Christmas Ideas for Adults & Kids …. since a few snowflakes fell

  1. Those are the cutest pancakes EVER. Did you already move? Wait- I thought you were moving to Florida? (I’m confused…) And when are you expecting to get your camera? I’m looking forward to your new shots. :0) xo

  2. Hey Birgitta! ah sorry I am way behind on updating you. We WERE going for Florida. He tested a lot in Florida but unfortunately we never got any offers to come there. I am from SC so we decided to also test there just to see what happened. We ended up getting SC in the long run. In the midst of this, I did “graduate” last semester but by graduate I more so mean they sent the diploma in the mail and the ceremony is with the winter graduates this December. I can’t believe they didn’t have a summer graduation? Is there drop out rate really that bad LOL. If you look at a few posts below I did take some shots playing with the camera. The dog one on the top of this post is from the camera with that 50 mm lense. I still have to figure out how to work it but I do really love it. I can just snap pictures like crazy with it. If you have any tips/tricks let me know!! I also need to get a good camera bag. Any idea what big store brand chain might sell those? I can only really thing of Target or Best Buy……. ❤

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