Coffee High Causes New Blog Ideas

Ok so I had 1 cup of Folgers coffee several hours ago. All I have to say is….



I am wide awake at 3:20  in the morning listening to Pandora and surfing the web!

I actually feel like I could get on the elliptical in correspondence with the other two things.

If only I wasn’t sick,  some major multitasking would be happening at this moment.

So, while my wired self has been online, I came across a domain name I really liked.  I don’t think I’ve seen, until tonight, a ONE WORD domain name.  I mean they are all taken. You know how the T REX went extinct a while back…well think of any domain one word names as a T REX.

I found one though…

And as soon as I saw it I panicked and couldn’t get to my debit card fast enough to buy it.

It’s the word “Breathe”.ws

Breathing is something I need to do a lot more of. It helps me relax and calms my always concerned mind.

So what am I going to do with that web address?


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