Six More Days Till We Move & Six Year Anniversary

Now we are really down to the countdown of our moving date.  We will set off with a Uhaul, truck, mazda, and 2 Chihuahuas on the 21st, bound for Charleston, SC. SIX MORE DAYS. Envision us going about 20 mph down the highway looking like a traveling circus, as this is what we are going to appear as!


Also, today was my husband and my six year anniversary of being together (not of being married).  I got him a shirt, Dexter final season, and a cookie mix thing that came with a cast iron pan to make on stovetop.  Out of all of it, I think Dexter was the hit. I dared to ask him the other day how that man killed people in the series. He basically said that Dexter plastic wrapped people to a table and went at it with a knife….. yeah…. I THINK I’LL PASS!!! To each his own though….

Oh, and I went to a career fair thing today where I got my cap and gown thing to wear at the graduation.  Feels so weird already being in college for my Bachelors and doing the graduation for the Associates in December! I already have my degree too…. so very interested to see what they are going to be handing me when I walk across the stage. I am a summer grad and get to graduate with the winter grads.  I found out though, winter grads will also be getting their diploma LATER (as in after the graduation). I believe they said they would be printed in January!?!? There is no reversal for this graduation. You just kinda show up.  It’s starting to feel a bit like “REALLY?”  But my grandfather has never seen me graduate. My dad has never been in my life so he has stepped up and put me through school. Including, taking me to my first day of kindergarten with his truck, golden retriever, and me in tow.  He deserves to see this day more than me.

Anyway, back to the grad fair. So this lady there tries to sell me these hideous looking invitations. I mean I kid you not they were white with just the school logo stamped on them……. $10 for 10. No thanks. Then, she tries to sell me a $120 frame with the school logo. It’s very tempting to tell her about and for the invites and framing discounts. But of course I don’t :p

Hope everyone is having a good day! When I move, I can post more about stuff I make! Sorry, there is just going to be a week or two break before I can do that again. I’m sure writings on the joy of job searching will be coming soon.

Ending on a positive note, I DID order a new header off Etsy which I am excited about! I’ve really loved this one but just feel that it’s time for a change for right now ❤


One thought on “Six More Days Till We Move & Six Year Anniversary

  1. Another big, congratz to you, Jen!! I’m up in the air whether I want to go on to a BA or stay in the same school and work on another Associates in Social Work to add to my academic arsenal. I’m at the pre-grad “mixing bowl” crossroads…heheh. You know what I mean- 4 new decisions per week. Ugh. I’ll find out sooner or later though. I have to knockout the last of my schoolwork by the 20th- my internet will probably get cut for two weeks, so, I’m racing against the clock! If all goes silent after the 20th (for a bit) you’ll know why. Good luck with your move! I’m happy for you. :0)

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