Ok, so tonight I am having a moment. I totally acted like a child and snapped at my husband when he commented on the nachos I made in the microwave. Being a woman + being in a bad mood + PMS= me surely thinking he was commenting on how “much” I was eating. Immediately I felt extremely fat and defensive. He later explained he was just thinking that making the nachos was a good idea……. GREAT.

I’m stressed out too because I have been sick forever. The more stressed I get, the more sick I get. So the fact that I am extra stressed today didn’t help a damn thing I’m sure. My husband brought me my medicine (bless him) but could not find the little cup you measure it with. Turns out everything but the kitchen sink is  now packed into a box. Normally, I like to take that nasty liquid medicine like a shot. But, I had to take it on $1 Tree tiny  plastic spoon because it’s all we could find. It added up to me needing to take 2 and 1/2 spoonfuls of it…… GREAT

Back to the eating thing, I totally ate 3/4 back of candy corn today. Yes, you are right, Halloween has been over for a while. But, of course, the store had to have like 500000 bags of those flippin addicting corn candies left. So me being in a bad mood equaled me needing to buy a bag and eat it like there is a famine happening. Now I feel like

fat hampster


If you wonder why I post the negative things along with the happy posts it is because I’m a real person. I want all my followers to know that. I have days where I love making a craft, cooking, or doing photography. And then I have days where I feel like I could literally take on Hulk (or try too) if he were not animated. I binge eat, swear, scream, cry, ask tons of pointless questions, and get angry just like the average person. I will never portray to be someone I’m not. So for tonight, I am having a STRESSFUL I FEEL FAT MOMENT.


3 thoughts on “Having a STRESSFUL I FEEL FAT Moment

  1. It sounds like you, like me, are lucky to have a supportive partner. 🙂 I am sure he understands. We all snap at times. 🙂 By the way, got any nachos left? They do sound good.

  2. Sethsnap: thanks for your awesome comment!!! That is great you have a supportive partner too. There are times we drive each other crazy but at the end of the day, we love each other. People have to love each other to be able to put up with each other hahahah ! Plenty of nachos left! 😉

    Mummyflyingsolo: thank you for stopping by!! Thank you for your understanding of my honesty. A lot of people cannot handle honesty. I think honesty is beautiful though. ❤

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