We Made It To Charleston, SC~!!!!!!


Hello Friends

We made it to my lovely city of Charleston, SC yesterday. We just got internet connection today so I am finally able to post about the move in. Currently, we have boxes all over our apartment. Like literally, I told the man who showed up to turn on our cable that “we just moved in, I SWEAR WE ARE NOT HOARDERS!!!” hahahahah.  Isn’t it crazy how the air is just different certain places? There is a calmness in the air, the weather is beautiful, and people are so very friendly here. I spent a great portion of my life wanting to get away from South Carolina. I thought I hated it here but I don’t. I hated what I was going through at the time. I’ve healed, graduated, and matured since I last lived here. I can now see everything completely differently. ❤

Something I am very excited about is that our apartment has an outdoor pool that is open year round. Not that I want to join the polar bear club anytime soon, but I think it’s awesome to have access to a year round pool. There is also a grill that has been built next to the pool. Not like a cheap stand up grill either!! I will have to take a picture. So we could literally go over there in the winter and just make smores!

Our apartment complex is only three years old so everything looks very new.  We have a light up fire detector, smoke alarm, and one of those squirty spray hose fan things on the ceiling. God help us if those things ever malfunction ha!!!!!

Does it mean that I have no life to be excited that our door has a peephole in it? Our last door didn’t and it drove me crazy.

Ok so something horrible yet kind of funny that happened on the way here.  My husband and I were SO exhausted from packing and driving. He drove a UHAUL that had my truck being towed behind it. I drove his Mazda. God knows how this happened but we were going so slowly that I looked down for just a second. BAD IDEA. He put on his brakes and I hit MY truck he was towing. FML. I wasn’t going fast at all and the tire underneath the truck stopped his Mazda. He didn’t even notice I hit the truck with his car. I had to call and tell him.  Not one of my brightest moments. Thankfully, I just dented his hood and it’s fixable!!!!

Will hopefully get to take some photographs tomorrow of the city. Until then, hope all is well with every one 🙂


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