Holidays Have Always Been Hard

For those of us who deal with family issues or have lost someone that will not be here this holiday, I want you to know my heart is with you. For as long as I can remember, I looked on as other families had their holidays and turned green with envy. Especially the friends that could not hang out on the holiday because they were going to be with their families. I hated them for it because I envied their lives. The love and security they must feel with their parents and siblings.  Where as, my mother told me there was no Santa Clause before I even had a chance to believe. She didn’t want to “lie” to me. There went the magic of Christmas when your realize your parent is giving you gifts and to not bother wishing because it will not be under that damn tree. Not to mention the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, …..

Anyway, back on point. This Thanksgiving and Christmas I am dealing with my sister not being here.  Last Christmas, I sent her some Bath & Body Works items. I remember how thankful she was and how she explained they were sitting in her bathroom for her to look at. She told me they were so pretty that she was afraid to use them.  Her and I understood struggle and what it was to appreciate little things like gifts we rarely got. I also sent her daughter something last year for Christmas. I believe she told me it was one of the only gifts her daughter got and how much it meant.

I miss you so much Becky….. so much…

I want to go to Bath and Body Works to shop for you

One of my friends who I am not mentioning by name, is going to be struggling through tomorrow with me in a different way. Her and I may both be having a beer or 5.

Holidays are just hard.

I know this is a downer blog but it’s also a “real” one. I’m not saying to not enjoy the holidays. I am merely implying that if you have a house where your entire family gets together, reminisces, and celebrates…. BE THANKFUL. There are people all over the world, and maybe even some of your own friends, hurting on the holidays.


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