Where I am with school….

This has been the hardest semester I have ever experienced.  Though I graduated last semester with my Associate of Science in Social Sciences, I  decided to continue on and take 3 more classes towards my Bachelors. What a big mistake. I hate saying school is ever a mistake. But, sometimes it just is.

My “thought” had been that I was going into Human Services. This major correlated with my personality, as I’m extremely giving and love to help people. The course in and of itself though is heavy. It deals with poverty, homelessness, addicts, and just about every depressing scenario one can think of. I come away from the course feeling DRAINED. And it’s not just this course, it’s my other courses too.

I feel EXHAUSTED from:






Burn Out



The only time I feel so happy that I could be “high” is when I take pictures.  I love photography and the  moments that it captures.

So do I abandon this idea of school that is making me miserable?

Do I look into an expensive as hell art school?

Meanwhile, while trying to figure out my future school situation, I can’t find a job. I’ve applied at what feels like everywhere. Many places that I have seen adds for “want 2 years of experience to be considered.”  Are you kidding me right now? How does anyone get experience when they are not even given a chance to be hired to gain in?

I ate icing straight out of the container last night. Along with some sour cream & onion chips.

I feel that level of stressed.



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