Nanny Diaries: Will you spank my child?

I’ve been a childcare provider for many years and can count on one hand how many times families have asked or given me permission to spank their children.  I recall one family expressing that they are okay with it, that it’s just what they did. And then just the other day, I got an email from a woman asking if I would spank her child if she signed a waver.

waiver form

Wait, WHAT?

Quickly, I explained  that I cannot due to that being a major liability (and also personal beliefs).  I offered childcare if she was open to me using time out and turning off cartoons as a form of punishment. Her response?

“Thanks Anyway”



This post is not to knock any families that choose spanking as a form of discipline. It’s a personal decision. My thoughts on it would take quite a while. Point is, parents *please* do not ever ask someone you do not know to lay their hands on your child.  Just because someone is a childcare provider does not mean they are safe.  And even some truly sweet people have a hard time controlling their frustration with children. The last thing you want to do is say: If my child is bad you have permission to spank him.

How do you know how hard they would spank?

How do you know what they would spank with?

How are you going to determine how long your child was spanked for?

How will your child ever trust their provider if they do this to them?

How will you determine what is the right call and wrong call to spank?

Rochelle Sapp (Pictured Below) gave 3 year old  Autumn Elgersma fatal injuries by throwing her to the ground in her daycare.  Autumn later died at the hospital while being treated for the injuries.  Rochelle has been charged with willful injury and child endangerment. If Rochelle were wearing a t-shirt and jeans, she could have fooled me to as “looking” like a nice person. This is why we MUST be careful who watches our children and what we allow them to do.


Rochelle Sapp, Daycare Owner, Accused Of Killing Autumn Elgersma For Not Taking Off Coat

Sorry, just needed to vent this.


One thought on “Nanny Diaries: Will you spank my child?

  1. Yikes, that’s weird. I’m not necessarily “anti-spanking” if it indeed remains as only spanking, and not done in anger, blah blah. But I’m not sure I will actually spank my (future, theoretical) kids. I think it depends on the kid’s personality and what they respond to… I know my sister in law has given up on spanking her little boy because it doesn’t phase him. Restricting him from playtime devastates him and is a better punishment. I would definitely NOT feel comfortable spanking someone elses child, not even a niece or nephew! Weird.

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