Random Facts About Me & Russian Tampons

There is nothing like being sick and wide awake at 4:30 AM!

Decided to share with you guys a few things about me that you may not know πŸ™‚

(((Takes several minutes to think if there is anything that interesting to tell….)))

When I was little, it was discovered I had lost more than half my hearing due to ear infections. I had to go through speech therapy. To this day, I struggle with hearing.

I want to get a tattoo sleeve on my right arm

One of my legs is shorter than the other. Hence why the beam was very hard in gymnastics!

When I get sick, I often stay sick so long that I loose my job

I get complimented the most on my thick hair and sense of humor

My birthday is the very last day of the year: December 31

I enjoy reading my followers blogs about as much as I enjoy blogging myself!

I’m extremely stubborn & talk back too much

I drink socially but have come to realize I only like beer.Β  Only kinds I drink: Coors, Samuel Adams, Corona

I’ve never re read a book. Ever.

The only things I finish are journals. One day when I am like 90 I will re read them and smile at my extreme immaturity of my 20’s.

Non denominational Christian

My American brother majored in Chinese

Have seen Sugar Land, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift…etc in concert

My schooling consists of being in college online over the past 5 years

Neither parent is in my life

Favorite subject remains French. I only remember J’adore la plage

Favorite Movie: Fly Away Home, 10 Things I Hate About You, Knocked Up, Juno, The Holiday….

I absolutely refuse to watch: HORROR

Favorite Food: Popcorn & Peanut Butter (but not together!)

Counseling is one of the best things that ever happened to me

That’s all I can think of momentarily that you may not know from looking at my posts on here. Obviously I love crafts, cooking, and complaining πŸ™‚

Hope you guys are having a wonderful night. And if you are sick, imagine me holding my Tylenol bottle in the air going : CHEERS!

Completely random but I just came across (who the hell knows how) a Russian Tampax Add. And I thought it was supposed to make us women want to buy tampons to look like the happy dancing girls in the commercials. This takes the word want and turns it into the word NEED quickly!

Russian Tampon Commercial


One thought on “Random Facts About Me & Russian Tampons

  1. I couldn’t watch the Russian Tampon commercial yet, (because of my current location) but I loved reading these things about you! I had no idea you struggled with hearing. It’s funny because before I changed my direction in life (and started a blog), I was working as a speech pathology assistant, and worked with a lot of kids who struggled with situations similar to what you described!

    Juno is one of my very favorite movies, too! πŸ˜‰

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