I’ve Reached the End of My Comfort Zone

life begins

I suffer from this little thing called “LOW SELF CONFIDENCE.”

I never truly feel like I am good enough.

Can’t help noticing that the most stable people seem to come from extremely supportive & close families

Well, where there is not a road, one must build one.

I’m in the process of building my road so to speak.

Deep down, I want to be a photographer

Taking pictures & blogging makes me feel happy

I just pre ordered an etsy layout, some 8 X 10 mailers, and business cards

If this doesn’t work, I tried

The most miserable thing is wondering…

Could I have done it? Was I good enough?

I’m at a point where I know nothing else is working

Time to try something I actually like

My work can be seen on:



6 thoughts on “I’ve Reached the End of My Comfort Zone

  1. Oh Jen, I’m so happy to see you giving this a go! One of my favourite sayings is: “it’s better to have tried and failed, than to never have tried at all.”

    You have a GREAT eye for composition in your photography; I’ve seen you improving in your shooting in a very short time. That puppy photoshoot you did (neighbor’s dog I think?) was just fantastic. Keep in mind that screwing up here and there or hitting a rough patch is part of the process. Sometimes, things are just going to suck. Plain and simple. But don’t let that deter you. You have such tenacity! You’re a wonderful, natural photographer. Just keep going with it. You’ll only keep getting better as the years go on. 😉

    Good luck!

    1. That means so much coming from such an amazing photographer Birgitta. I can only hope to one day be anywhere near where you are right now. Your photography and how you view things has really inspired me a great deal ❤ Always continue to take pictures because you have such a beautiful vision of life.

      1. Awww….that means a lot to me! I think you have a tremendous natural gift, Jen, that’s why I’m encouraging you. You already have that “thing” some people have to go to school for.

        The elderly Micky Dees worker is stalking the floor, eyeballing me like a hungry tiger- I have to roll on up out of this mug! I’ll see you in January (maybe before then for a few.) I’ll be back before you know it. 😉

      2. wow thank you for saying that!! I am feeling quite pleased with myself for having the “thing.” When I was younger, my pics were actually quite bad. But I used to force a photo. Like look at a rock, take it’s picture, and then not understand why it didn’t look good haha. Now, I look at light, moments, things that would be passed by, experiment, and let certain pictures come to me. I can’t tell you how much your help and the quality of my work has gone up!! what lens do you think I should get next? I would like a longer lens maybe that shows a lot of detail on items far away. Suggestions? Also, do you know any other lenses like the 50 mm Canon (which I LOVE) that do cool things and make the image look very unique? ❤ have a wonderful holiday!

      3. Hmm…perhaps it’s time to advance to the Lensbaby Composer- my all-time favourite lens. Do you remember me mentioning it? Here’s an example of what it does, and keep in mind the blur and effects you see are IN-CAMERA, which is what makes it such a special lens:

        (My daughter, walking into an abandoned house bedroom)


        The old, vintage B&W antique photos that are blurry around the edges,etc. This lens mimics that perfectly.

        Here’s another of my other daughter, using the same lens:


        If you want mood in your images, this lens is the king (or queen ;0) of mood. I wouldn’t recommend getting it of you’re wanting “perfect pictures”- it’s intention is to blur the mood, but the focal point is TACK SHARP. Also, its built-in exposure levels are phenomenal- it captures exposure and lighting better than an actual 50 MM. (The Lensbaby Composer is also a fixed focal length of 50 MM, but the results with this lens are incredible and aren’t so easy to replicate in Photoshop, so that alone would set you apart from the majority of other photographers, which is a VERY important thing if you’re looking to avoid falling through the cracks and blending in to obscurity. Setting yourself apart from “the majority” is a must in the highly competitive dog-eat-dog photo/art world. You’ve definitely got the drive and talent to do that.

        You can go here if you want to learn more about the Lensbaby Composer. The Lensbaby is a whole line- but it’s the “Composer” that I’m referring to.

        Here you go:

        http://lensbaby.com/lenses-composer Scroll down and look at the pics at the bottom. BAM. That’s the power of the Lensbaby Composer.

        The Lensbaby Composer Pro is $280 or so, I think? But you can pick up the basic “Lensbaby Composer” on Amazon for $190 used, or $220 new. (The Composer and Composer Pro are the same things, pretty much, and quality-wise, there’s no difference.)

        As far as standard zoom lenses that you can carry around and use for closeups and wide angles- all in the same lens- the best I’ve ever used is the Sigma 17-70. (17MM on the super wide angle end and 70 MM on the closeup/macro end.) It’s a KILLER lens. I bought one and took it with me to Times Square in New York city and it blew my mind. No complaints. It’s a $450 lens- but there you go. You get what you pay for, you know? That would be an excellent investment- if you were to actually buy that lens (refurbished, so it would be a few hundred cheaper maybe) with a waranty, it would last you for 5+ years. Definitely worth the investment. It’s my dream lens (again).

        If you only have $100-150 or so to work with, maybe get the Canon 18-58 standard zoom/kit lens. Not the greatest, but as far as focal lengths- you’ll be getting the macro/closeups on one end (55MM) and the wide angle on the other (18MM).

        There you go. Good luck in your decisions! ;0)

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