Christmas is a Time to Drink

Last night, my friend and I watched Elf and Four Christmases while drinking red wine out of plastic cups. She had a beautiful little tree up in her apartment with red and gold ornaments. We both gave each other a gift. Hers to me was a cross stitched “I am only me when I am with you” in a flower frame. A very cool present that I know took her a lot of time. Mine to her was a small tin of hot chocolate, coffee mug, and some mini marshmallows. Together, we created, what felt like for a minute, an actual happy Christmas night.

I am so thankful to have a friend that understands the meaning of SURVIVNG CHRISTMAS

Four Christmases

She drank wine out of her cup and then straight out of the bottle, a trademark of hers 🙂 Calling herself a “functioning alcoholic.” I sipped at my glass while laughing hysterically as Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn tried to survive their dysfunctional families during the holidays.

four christmases 2

I just got done painting my nails a shade of purple that has never been seen before at this jolly happy time of year.

Wishing there were gift certificates under the tree for tattoo and piercing shops.

Oh well, there is always next year ❤




3 thoughts on “Christmas is a Time to Drink

  1. Hey, I love the header and colours! :0) I was cracking up reading this…hehe. I remember my days of drinking from the bottle- oh yeah. (And back in the day, I could outdrink a sailor.)

    I think what’s most important is that you and your friend created a time and space filled with warmth and love. I love stories like this! Big smile here, and thanks for sharing this. I’m totally going to check out the Vince Vaugn flick! It looks hilarious. :0) (Your site looks great, by the way.)

  2. Merry Late Christmas, it’s all about surviving! Glad to see you made it through alive! The best friends are those who will drink wine from paper cups and/or the bottle. I think my most favorite improvised wine drinking was when my friend Sars and I bought a huge jug (to heavy to hold to our lips!) of wine at a 7-11 in Hong Kong and had nothing to put it in so we drank it out of our Camel Back water bottles. Like winners.

  3. Hey guys I am happy that you all could relate to this story!!!~ Her and I both enjoyed a bottle the other night too. I got double Mascatto bottles at Christmas 🙂 and Birgitta omg watch Four Christmases. It is seriously GREAT. I need to email you. A lot going on in my life and get the feeling you may have been down this road before that has presented itself to me…. and Aussa thank you for coming by. I cannot wait to share that fabulous story with my friend. She is going to die laughing. Not because she thinks yall were crazy but because she just got a new idea of how to consume wine that pleases her ❤ love you guys thanks for all the support

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