Church and Balding Men

You know those moments when you have to lay out your work out clothes to inspire yourself to work out the following day?  I had the same moment yesterday when it came to church.  Not only did I lay out my clothes but I bought a new shirt at Old Navy for church. Everything was ready.  I found myself crying on the drive to church today and sitting in the car of the church parking lot.  Looking around at all the dressed up people going in and out, I had a huge temptation to screech my tires out of their parking lot, never to look back.  It felt intimidating to go in alone. It feels hard to do anything ALONE right now.  Something in me though gave me the strength to sneak in and sit at the very last row of the church.  I was seriously ready to make a mad dash if anything went wrong. What can go wrong in church?? I guess it’s just where my mind is at right now.

A very tall balding man came and plopped himself in the chair in front of me. No offense men, but if you are more than 50 percent bald, it may be time to just go for the shaved head look. Ladies do not like to look at a circle of skin on the back of your head. Anyway, I was afraid to move over for fear he would get offended I did.  Before I could get too distressed though, my friends cousin spotted me in church and asked me to join her. Thank you Lord.

Todays sermon was on the new year.  The preacher joked that so far, everyone had attended all his services this year (this was first Sunday of month).  I’ve realized a preacher who can make me laugh is key to keeping my attention. We learned today that we must assume responsibility for our lives. It is not anyone else’s fault that we are where we are right now. We are the only people that have the power to change our situation.  He explained that the three words that could change our life  are= DO IT NOW.   That we should expect God to help us though in this process.

My favorite verse today was:

Proverbs 12:22 (GNT)  Being cheerful keeps you healthy. It is a slow death to be gloomy all the time. (I guess eeyore is screwed! haha awww poor eeyore)


Ecclesiasted 11:4 If you wait for the perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.

The above things are what I needed to hear today.

I realized it takes courage to walk into church.

I used mine today ❤


3 thoughts on “Church and Balding Men

  1. I have the biggest smile on my face right now. Thanks for sharing these (Scriptures). When I was married to my children’s father (both times), I was the only one going to church and taking the kids too. For years I went alone- I know the feeling. I used to battle going to church sometimes (over the years) and didn’t want to go, and then one day the Lord pointed something out to me. He was like, “Hey…I come to your house ALL the time. Why don’t you come to mine? We’re friends, right? So come on over!”

    He put everything into perspective for me because He knows I’m a big dumb-head sometimes…heheh.

    By you choosing to go and receive your blessings (bald guy notwithstanding!) you were able to share them with others- like me. So, thanks again for that. :0)

  2. Thanks you guys 🙂 There are some scriptures I can really relate to and those are two of them. Recently I experienced being enraged as people used their religion to just about crucify homosexuals. I do not know exactly how the Lord feels on this topics but I feel it is more so our job to love with an open heart as He did when He was here. Cruel and unjust judgement causes people to commit suicide. Sadly, many Christians do not realize this. 😦

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