My Charleston


Fountain in front of some pretty historical houses!


I love how this yellow building and tree contrast. Charleston is also known for having beautiful & very historical  windows.


Famous Charleston, SC street with all the shops!


Charleston Pralines. You can smell this sweet goodness from several feet outside the store.


Downtown in a field called Marion Square, there were tons of Palm Trees lit up for Christmas. BEAUTIFUL.


This is one of my favs… Another shot of a lit up palm tree, Christmas tree, AND steeple.  Charleston is definitely a Holy city with MANY gorgeous churches.


4 thoughts on “My Charleston

  1. Great pics! I especially like the yellow building/tree shot- it’s probably my favourite. I remember going to Charleston back in the ’80’s; I never thought I’d see so many palm trees! I went to Lion’s Beach and went body surfing. Great place! I feel like I just took a mini-trip back there. :0)

  2. I forgot you had been here before! For the life of me, I have no idea where Lions beach is though hahah. I know Folly Beach, Sullivans Island, Kiawah Island, etc. I am sure there are other beaches though around here, as we are on the coast! I had a feeling you were going to like that tree shot lol 🙂 I’m realizing my pictures are getting better because I am understanding I need to really focus on centering my photos or holding camera still before I start clicking lol. Would you ever consider making a trip here again in future 😉

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