Canceled Interview-Decision I Own

Hey guys,

Hope all is going well. I have the next two days off. Unfortunately, blogging has become like working out for me. In order for me to do it, I must be completely relaxed and on a “weekend.”  My schedule is pretty damn awesome at the vet I must admit.  I usually get two days off in the middle of the week (so much for having to survive 5 days to get to Saturday!!), get one weekend day off a week, and a two hour lunch break in the middle of the day. The downside is that I have to work long shifts the four days a week that I do work. Often between 9.5 and 10 hours of standing, scrubbing, and being pulled through the halls by a gigantic dog. 🙂 I’m thankful though.

Not too long ago, I applied for a detention officer position.

detention officer

This was before the Kennel Tech position that I have now.   I have always been a bit interested in criminal justice and on a whim (and out of financial desperation) decided to apply for a position that came available online. I got a call back, did a written test for it, and just the other day got a call for an interview. Getting this position would have been a longer process, as a lie detector test amongst other things was involved.  I had only a short time to decide whether or not I was going to pursue it. Just about everyone I talked to gave me thumbs up, saying go for it.  I love working with animals but the pay is no where near what I would have gotten if I had worked for a detention center.  I asked a good friends mom what I should do. She said that it was my decision to make. That no one could choose for me.  I completely agree that sometimes we want someone to choose for us or push us in a direction because the weight of a decision feels so incredibly heavy. I asked my grandmother if she still would have gone into her major of music in college if her husband had not been there to support her. She said Yes. That she loved music. That every day when she came home from school she would play her piano when she was younger. I just realized….



Not even in desperation. If you have a full time job that you can at least SURVIVE off of, then you must breathe and realize you are okay.  I realized if I had gone for the other job I would have had plenty of toilet paper, socks, and food in the fridge.  But would I regret leaving where I am right now? Would I miss the schedule I have? Would I be sick all the time due to the 12 hour morning AND night shifts? The answer is YES.

I decided to cancel the interview.

Did I make the right decision for the rest of my life? Probably not. Did I make the right decision for where I am right now in my life? Yes. Too often I make decisions while considering my present AND my future. I panic as if the decision is going to be the last one of my entire life. Fact is, we get decisions and choices every day. And if we lack them, all we have to do is decide whether we want to go see a movie and then choose if we want someone to go with us. 🙂

Anyway, that is my little job update as to what is happening right now. I am about to post another blog about the lovely events of my debit card and someone going to town on it yesterday. FUN TIMES.

Anyway, hope all is well! Stay warm out there!






2 thoughts on “Canceled Interview-Decision I Own

  1. El Paso? We you going to move to Texas?! Where’d you find the detention center job? That’s awesome that you were going to consider it. :0) Go with your heart, amiga. It’ll serve you well in the end. ;0)

  2. hahahaha no not moving to Texas lol. That was only security guard badge I could find when googling. I feel like moving to Texas. Could I email you for some advice. I feel like people around me are either ignoring or refusing to handle listening to how heavy my life is right now. It’s really hard on me because I am only one person that has never been through a divorce. I don’t really know what to do. But yes, I was going to consider it. Ended up turning that job down. The written test I took (and passed) is good for three years though. I may revisit the idea after I work this job a bit, get settled in a good living situation, and heal more . Thanks for all your support! I saw something saying you posted about hell week. must check that out. 🙂

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