Still Chugging Along

Sorry it’s been a while guys. I’m still alive! I just feel like I am working all the time. I can’t complain though when the majority of my customers are similar to this:


Today, I was off and too exhausted to do anything. I just did 3 back to back (10 hour) days. That may not seem like anything to some people but coming from me, it FELT like a lot!!! The most productive thing I did today was go through some of my life. Meaning, I through away old cards, a picture, etc that tied me too my last relationship. Being dumb, I read a lot of the letters which was hard. It’s so painful to read and remember falling in love, the excitement, the romance…..  To go from there to where him and I are today it’s really sad. But it’s over. This was my room:


I met someone recently again from my past.  I used to date him when I was very under age haha. It’s crazy how if someone was good to us though, we always remember them. I believe some people are put in our lives to be their at certain points, but maybe just not the entire way.  He’s been kind to me with allowing me to vent about my life and the craziness of it all. If for nothing else, it means a lot to have another person in my life like that.

So… the cutest thing I can share with you today is :


Why yes, yes I did. And I better receive it looking just like that 🙂

Hope everyone is well. Thank you for your continued support and following my journey. I’m thankful you are here.


4 thoughts on “Still Chugging Along

  1. I love the pugkin spice picture! how cute :). I need to go through some old things too. The only thing I will say is I always keep a card or two. Sometimes I really love looking at the old birthday card from my grandma bc she died and it’s her handwriting. There’s just something about a hand written card, I guess. Good luck working those long days, yikes!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Amy! oh I def keep cards. But my husband and I are getting a divorce so the ones about falling in love or just in general from him, I can’t handle it. I just need to get it out. It’s sad but soon I will be moving and must realize that I have to move on with my life. Hope you have a nice night!

  3. Agh. It’s so hard when you start sorting through old things and old memories. It’s a constant trigger and also a time suck. I’m sure it didn’t help that you’d worked so many 10 hour shifts in a row. Hope you’ve gotten some rest and are doing well 🙂

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