Craigslist Car Shopping…The JOYS

Hello Friends 🙂


Hope today is going great for you. It’s Monday and I am off from work. Thank Goodness because I am SICK. You know it’s bad when I am having hot tea with honey for breakfast. I’m telling you, nothing feels better on a sore swollen throat than some tea!

So on to what my topic is….


Raise your hand if you hate car shopping with a passion?

Here are my main issues:

#1. Often times, women do not have the slightest clue as to what to look for on a used car. While we were taking care of our dolls, boys were putting together leggos and building guns out of straws. Hence, why their understanding of engines is probably so much higher haha. I’m not including those super cool women who know a car and are not afraid to get dirty!  Just, if you are like me, you don’t know what to look for.

#2.  Sticker price, firm price, varying price, willing to take an offer, etc.  I have no idea how to price a car! I can go onto and get an evaluation. But then, there are always those people who say, well I put a lot of money into my car with new parts. So just when I think I know how much a car is worth, that totally throws me for a loop.

#3. PRESSURE.  I new I could not go into a dealership and finance another car. I had to buy it outright to eliminate monthly payments. This left me with craigslist car& truck section.  So if you have never looked for a cheap car on craigslist, you probably don’t know they sell like IHOP’s all you can eat pancakes. You have to be fast, get to the seller fast, make an offer fast, etc.

#4 Oh and then there are those vehicles with Title issues. For instance, I ALMOST bought a Honda the other day. Went to get money and was about to head out to the person when their title went “missing.” All the sudden, the person said he could not find it. Wanted to know if I wanted the vehicle for a cheaper price with no title!!! hahahahha NOPE. I may not know much, but I know that buying a car that could have just been stolen is not always the best of options.

Anyway, I finally ended up getting a car yesterday. I used to have a VW Cabrio in which EVERYTHING broke on it. Top leaked and it all around fell apart on me. So what “new” car do I ultimately end up with? Of course, a VW Cabrio haha.  I’m sure I paid too much too. But here is the thing, the man said he took good care of it, got oil changed, the AC & heat work, radio works, tires look good, great on gas, and it drives well. It’s old as everything but I am proud of it because it is the


No Car Payments

No full coverage insurance


Now if I can just get the top to come UP once I put it down………   🙂



3 thoughts on “Craigslist Car Shopping…The JOYS

  1. I like it! I’ve always liked VW cars and wanted a bug for my 2nd car, but I ended up with a Honda Accord. It’s still a great car, though. Hopefully someday I can own a VW of some sort. I’m glad you got a car and owning a car pretty much rocks (like owning anything really).

  2. Congratulations on the new car!! So happy for you, Jen. :0) Off-topic, but hey, are you still single? What’s going on in that area? How are things? I sure hope you’re getting back on your feet, and knowing you- you are. :0) Josh has returned and I feel “alive” again. It was one suck-fest of a winter, let me tell you. Also, I’ve changed majors from Sociology (starting BS in June at new college) yo Criminal Justice. I’m going to move in the direction of being a probation officer. Yep! With a gun and a badge. 30-60 credit hours will transfer, so… anywho- drop me a line. I sure do miss you. x

    1. Hey girl! I know ive been away for a long time 😦 I am about to make another post. I really need to catch up with your life! I’m so happy that you have found your happiness again. If Josh coming back is a positive thing for you, then I support you~ !!! You deserve the absolute best in every single area of your life. How is school going? You would be a kick ass probation officer by the way. I would not want to end in your sector hahaha your one tough chick. Keep going. Never stop. Been missing you too ~!!! ❤

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