Old Ferris Wheel against Mountain Backdrop

There is something about old Ferris wheels and fair rides that I just love. They hold stories and moments that you can almost feel by being around them.


My roommate saw this one and immediately wanted an 8×10 matte finish print. I think it is the most amazing feeling to have people not only like my photography but WANT it.


This is one of the first few times I ever pulled over on the side of a major high way. I almost past it but just could not do it. I had to stop. I have more pictures to edit from this site.


That is where it was ^ .

Hope everyone has a great 2015 !


One thought on “Old Ferris Wheel against Mountain Backdrop

  1. It IS a good feeling when people want to buy your work. it’s a really validating feeling. :0) (You’re a great photographer though, so you shouldn’t be surprised that people want to buy your work.) I wish so much I could take a road trip too. Being broke sucks! Until I can, I;ll continue living vicariously through your blog..heheh. Good seeing you again. ;0)

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