The Massive Road Trip

From December 30th 2014-January 2nd 2015 I got the opportunity to finally take four days off of work. So of course, I put my feet up, drank coffee, and had a movie marathon. NOT. hahah! I have been wanting to travel for a while and go see a good friend in Ohio named Sam.

Traveling up there I got to go through several different states.  Starting in SC I drove through NC, TN, KY, and OH.  It was so much fun!!! I loved TN and all the mountains that were surrounding me.  For the FIRST time I:

-Drove through a mountain tunnel (and experienced my radio shutting off in it…creepy!)

– Pulled over to the side of major high ways to take pictures

-took a selfie of me and my dog (Daisy) in front of the mountains in KY

-I turned 27! And was told I am getting old (Thanks Flor lol)

I wanted to share some of the photographs I took along the way with you!!! ❤


Miamisburg, OH


Daisy and I wearing matching hoodies (completely un planned!!)


Sam and My cup from Spencers in OH!


I turned 27!


Sam took me to a park and just let me take pictures!!!


That is all for now! I have a lot more to edit ! ❤ Hope everyone had a save New Years and that 2015 is amazing. Oh and my facebook status on Dec 31, 2014 for my New Years resolution was:

December 31, 2014 at 11:13pm ·

 My new years resolution is to: Love myself a great deal more. Every year I make resolutions to make myself “better.” This year, I am reversing that. My goal is to not only feel but absolutely know that I am enough. And to believe with all my that one day someone will agree with that.

3 thoughts on “The Massive Road Trip

  1. Well happy (late) Birthday! And aren’t road trips the best? One time, I took a fat joint and a 6 pack of Buds and took myself to the Smokies for my wedding anniversary- sans the (x) husband- ha. I totally got stoned at the top of the Smokies and then was too paranoid to get out. I had a blast though. 😉 And um…who is this Mr. Sam you speak of? Hmmmm? He’s a cutie. :0) Glad you got to get out and see the world a bit and have a much needed change of scenery. You’ve been sorely missed! x

  2. Birgitta I have MISSED your stories!!! You need to write a book on your life experiences along with your photography. And yes that is really the first independent road trip I think I’ve ever been on like that! Sam is a good friend. We are def not together (I would tell you). He was my first bf ever when I was 13 and we have kept in touch off and on throughout our lives. I love visiting him and he has been so kind to me. But as far as romantically, we are not like that. I do like someone. I will have to post about that soon because that is exciting to me ❤ I definitely feel like I am moving on and healing. It's amazing to think about where I was a year ago versus where I am today. I am going to go by your page today and get an update on your life and see some of the photography I have missed so by you!! SOrry its been so long 😦

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